Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks!


How far along?  36 Weeks! 1 more week until full term, yay!

Total weight gain/loss:  25.5lbs.  Don’t ask how a person is able to put on 4.5lbs in a week without indulging in their favorite things, but apparently my body has a great ability to put on weight at this point (and let’s be honest, always).  My temporary wedding ring was tight this morning, so some of it might have been water weight, but who knows…   I gave up trying to control this whole weight thing during pregnancy, and I’ve literally shed enough tears about it (but thanks to pregnancy hormones and the continued weight gain, more crying about this may be in my future).

Exercise:  Nothing this last week, which certainly didn’t help.  But woke up last Friday with lots of nausea (thanks to pregnancy insomnia) and cramping, so doctor prescribed meds and told me to take it easy.  And since then, only the meds are stopping the cramping, so I’ve been taking it really easy…  Hoping to hit the pool for aqua aerobics again tomorrow though, specially since my check up is that afternoon (I’ll be talking about my birth plan, fun times!).

Measurements:  Belly has expanded to 42.5” (1.5” increase in a week!), waist also went up another inch and a half (to 37.5” – ouch!  10.5” bigger than I was when I got married!), and even my ribcage is now 35”!  At first I thought baby had shifted positions, but that wouldn’t explain the expansion from bottom to top…  Can’t wait for this baby to drop so I can bend over without feeling like I’m crushing my lungs.

Maternity clothes?  Still rocking maternity clothes except for dresses and underwear.

Stretch marks?  Surprisingly, despite the recent expansion, nothing yet.  Almond oil and Burt’s Bees belly butter twice a day is still working!

Sleep:  Looks like pregnancy insomnia is here to stay.  I miss sleep.

Best moment this week:  Lots of good moments this week!  My friend Una had her baby (a gorgeous baby girl) and had a relatively easy labor, which is always reassuring to hear!  I hosted my first MADS coffee and had about 14 girls here with their newborns and pregnant bellies!  And we found a home for the kitten!  She is still with us for now since we were treating her injured paw, but looks like she’ll be moving home this weekend.  We’ll miss her!  We’ve had so much fun cuddling and playing with her, and Lily is finally warming up to her as well.


Miss Anything?  Getting more than 3 hours of sleep at night.

Movement:  Lots of rolling and poking.  My belly gets stretched in ways I never thought was possible.

Food cravings:  Nothing this week.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Still getting queasy with car rides.

Have you started to show yet:  Uh, yeah, no doubt I’m pregnant and didn’t just swallow a watermelon.

Gender:  Girl!

Labor Signs:  The cramping got me really really worried, enough that I was googling “baby born at 35 weeks” but I’m not as concerned now.  A week closer to due date, and no signs of labor despite horrible cramping that only stops with medication.

Belly Button in or out?  Belly button definitely staying in!

Wedding rings on or off?  Off for over a month now.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Eh, half/half I’d say.  I’m much more impatient than I already was.

Looking forward to:  I’ll have a little baby shower this weekend!  Nothing big, with just a few people, and since I bought everything we needed thanks to DPO and Amazon’s free shipping, just hoping to get kids books or clothes for when she’s a bit older.  Either way, I’ll just be happy to have something thrown for me.  For so long I thought I wouldn’t have anything, being so far away from my DC friends, but one of my friends and neighbors said every girl deserves a baby shower, so here we are!  So super nice of her and of everyone coming!

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  1. So glad you going to have some fun at a baby shower. I still love going to showers even if I am almost 62! Women always have so much fun together. I’ll be praying for you and Karl in your final days of waiting for your baby.

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