Pregnancy Update: 39 Weeks!


How far along?  Yes, I was hoping it wouldn’t have to come to this. But here I am, 39 weeks, still pregnant, still miserable, still writing these updates, still getting bigger, still gaining weight, still dealing with heartburn, bad skin (remember how I rarely wear make up?  Ha!  It’s a daily habit now! I have red and dark blotches all over my face…), lower back pain, horrible knee pain (from the weight?  Overstretched ligaments?  Something else?), lack of sleep, cramping all the time, constantly fatigued, always hungry…

My doctor’s appointment today was frustrating to say the least – there has been no progress since my 38 week appointment, and no signs of labor starting anytime soon.

But I got a much needed haircut today, so at least I’ll have good hair on the postpartum pictures?  One can hope?  And can I say how I’m going to miss paying less than 20 bucks for a senior hair stylist at a good salon (Philosophie, here in Makati) who give me consistently great haircuts that I love?


Total weight gain/loss:  For a bit I thought I hadn’t gained anything, since for once the doctor’s scale didn’t budge, but once I compared my home scale numbers with the ones last week, I have gained another pound.  27 pounds now and miserable.  But as of last weekend I officially stopped trying to eat healthy.  Sure, eating daily salads and still loving my fruits, but craving an ice cream?  Ok.  Want an iced caramel macchiato at Coffee Bean?  Sure.  I got two weeks left, I’m gaining weight regardless, might as well enjoy the rest of the process.

Exercise:   I went up 19 flights of stairs today in order to try to trigger something after my doctor’s appointment.  It didn’t work.  But that was the only exercise I got this week, boo!  Not many of us left for the aqua aerobics, and still don’t have a great pool I can swim in (I’ve been offered, but with a busy morning schedule all week, and having to get the driver to the embassy to pick up Karl at 3pm, it hasn’t given me any time to actually take my friends up on their offer).

Measurements:  Belly increased even more and is at 44” now!  Waist went down a half inch to 37.5”, and ribcage is now at 34.5” which is also a half inch decrease.  I wonder if my belly is *starting* to drop, hence the change?  Said that, in pictures it looks pretty high up still, no?  I actually don’t even see a difference from last week.

Maternity clothes?  Still rocking them!

Stretch marks?  Nothing yet!  Hope this baby decides to get out before my skin can’t handle it anymore!  And I don’t care what people say that stretch marks are genetic – I’ve been slathering almond oil and burt’s bees belly butter twice a day on my belly, since early in the first trimester and NO stretch marks.  The rest of my body got neglected, and now I have stretch marks on my inner thighs – so yes, I do have the genetic disposition for them, almond oil WORKS.

Sleep:  Look at the pictures above.  See the bags under my eyes?  Still getting no sleep.

Best moment this week:  The MADS with dads event was a lot of fun!  The food was delicious (hello, extra pound on the scale!).  I also had lots of lunch dates with friends this week, went to the AWCP Bazaar and bought a couple of more cute things for baby girl, had a prenatal massage, got my haircut…  No best moment, but a lot of little good ones!

And Lily is extra cuddly today (she’s not a cuddly dog at all even though she was a super cuddly puppy).


Miss Anything?  I miss having control of my body and not being pregnant.  I know, I know, this sounds awful since lots of people deal with infertility and here am I after only a couple of months trying, knocked up and bitching about it.  But pregnancy has not treated me well.  Totally worth it in the end, but I’m a mess.

Movement:  Not as much movement this week, but baby is big and running out of space…

Food cravings:  Salt & Vinegar Lays chips.  Rustans were out of them when I went to satisfy my craving.  Need to go back and check again!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Car rides.

Have you started to show yet:  No doubt I’m carrying a big baby in there!

Gender:  Girl!

Labor Signs:  None.  None. NONE!  Ugh.  I woke up last Thursday night with horrible stomach pangs that came and went, and got all excited that maybe I was *finally* in labor.  Turns out, I got food poisoning at People’s Palace of all places.  (I guess sooner or later I was bound to get something in Asia that didn’t agree with me, right?)  So much for the false alarm.  And if I thought I was getting bad sleep before, after two nights camped in the bathroom, I’m really behind on sleep this week!

Belly Button in or out?  Staying in for good!

Wedding rings on or off?  Off, and replacement silver band getting tighter by the day.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  I can’t even keep track anymore.  Moody, but with lots of happy sprinkled in there!

Looking forward to:  Finally going into labor?  One can hope!


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11 responses to “Pregnancy Update: 39 Weeks!

  1. You’re almost there! Enjoy the last week or so just the two of you. I hope everything goes well.

  2. Nomads By Nature

    fennel tea
    “Being a uterine stimulant, fennel tea is a natural medication to initiate labor or contractions in mothers who are about to deliver. A word of caution here – women who have some time before the actual delivery, should not be consuming any fennel tea due to this very reason.
    Not only does drinking fennel tea boost milk production in lactating mothers, it also can be used as a wash to alleviate the nipple pain and soreness experienced during the period of nursing. All that needs to be done is the application of the tea on the areola thrice a day, with the help of a soft cotton cloth”.

    Wish I had known this secret, maybe if you are still incubating closer to 40 weeks you might try this. I found out about fennel by a couple of moms who used it for milk production and swore by it. Do look into it if you feel you want to ‘help things along’.

  3. You look great! Your belly still looks high, but things can change in a matter of hours, so it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Same thing with dilation. At the time those last days seemed to drag on, but once I was in labor it seemed like it happened so fast.

  4. I found you through Nomads by Nature, I’m an EFM set to arrive in Manila in June. I had my daughter Dec 29th, 2 days after my 39 week appointment, best of luck for a quick delivery!

  5. just realized I never linked to you. you are looking great! can’t wait to hear about baby’s arrival!

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