Adding the “Running” back into this blog! (And into my life!)

For real.  In an attempt to not be completely out of running shape once I get back to DC and in marathon training mode, I decided to start running again this week, after getting the “all clear” from my doctor.

On Wednesday, I jumped on my treadmill, on what will likely be a goodbye run:  looks like it’s getting sold this week.  It has served me well, even if I barely got any use out of it, thanks for injuries and all my pregnancy fatigue.  I should be buying a replacement before heading back to Brazil, unless we’re living close to the beach, then running on the boardwalk will be much more my style!

I’m not going to lie:  the run was not pretty.  I kept the running part at a 11 min/mile pace, and still had to take walk breaks pretty frequently.  At the end, I finished 2.5 miles averaging 12:57 pace, which it’s not *that* bad considering there were lots of walking sprinkled in there.

Friday morning, I met up with a friend who is also trying to get back to running after baby.  I met her by her house in Dasmarinas Village and we went for a jog (for those of you unfamiliar with Manila, the villages are closed residential areas with single family homes, so lots quiet streets for running, less polluted, little cars, no traffic and even a lot of shade!).

I was nervous, I can’t even remember the last time I ran outside!  But when she asked if I wanted to do the 3k route or the 5k one, I said “5k” without hesitation.  Did I have to walk?  Sure, I did.  I actually thought walking was a good think (let’s not do too much too soon and get injured, right?), but we went way past the halfway point before any of us walked.

Since I forgot my GPS at home, I’m oblivious to our pace, which may be for the best!

Sadly, I’m so out of running shape that I’ve been pretty sore the last couple of days.  I’ll be back out on Tuesday for yet another running date! 


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8 responses to “Adding the “Running” back into this blog! (And into my life!)

  1. roadtolcsw

    Yay! That is so exciting! The first few months of running after I had Logan were very slow! It seemed like I don’t make any progress past running 3 miles around an 11:00 min/mile pace. But eventually I got faster. I loves running with Logan in the jogger. He was good motivation because he would fuss when I slowed down or walked.

    • I haven’t run with her in a stroller yet — heck, we don’t own a stroller yet (one more thing to carry when we move back, so we’re buying it in DC). I have no idea how fast I was running outside, I need to charge up my GPS (and hope it’ll work there, since it doesn’t work in my neighborhood) to get a better idea. I’m afraid of finding out though…

  2. Slow and steady and you will be back to your old running pace in no time. Lucky for you there is no reason to push it since MCM is months away 🙂

    • MCM is months away, but I’m coming back from zero. A bit scary, as when I was training for Chicago I was in half marathon shape, now I’m in ZERO shape, ick! And official training starts in June — not too far away.

  3. My sister had her baby a few weeks before you and she started running again a few weeks ago and is already able to go for longer and faster and has been increasing her pace, so I’m sure you will be able to do it soon. Don’t worry, it will happen! Once you get back into half-marathon shape, marathon shape isn’t far behind!!!

  4. It takes time to get back into running shape… I’m there right now too… not because of pregnancy but because of a knee injury. It kinda sucks but I keep reminding myself that I started out as a beginner before and got to marathon shape and I can do it again! Just a little set back is all! 🙂

  5. diplomom08

    Good for you and that’s way faster than I might ever be…well, maybe someday. I have to keep starting over every time I have surgery, but at least I’m out there? Anyway, way to get back out there!

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