It’s time.

If moving isn’t usually stressful enough, you get a dog throwing up 2 weeks ago and hearing the vet say words like “surgery” (luckily, there was no need), you have your movers showing up to do a survey and say you’re right at your weight allowance, only for that to end up being twice as much when they pack you up a week later – and a $4,000 bill (AAAAAAHHHH!!!). 

So among everything else that needs to be done, driving to Stafford, VA, with a 9 month old, to put half your life into storage becomes part of your to-do list (but you reduce that bill to $500, so it’s worth it). And when the movers were so creative labeling your boxes, with things like “Bow and Arrow” as part of the contents – and if you need to ask, no, you do not own a bow and arrow – it makes the whole deciding what stays what goes much more challenging and time consuming.  You’ll find out what ended up staying behind that you actually really needed in a few months…

Now, fingers crossed that the shippers actually show up to pick up your car, because that too had to be complicated, because of course the State Department had to ask for a document that doesn’t actually exist – thanks to the bank owning your car, not you – and after lots of phone calls to your bank and the DMV, each thinking you’re an idiot because, hello, what you’re asking for doesn’t exist, and we already gave you a letter allowing you to take the car with you, your bank and the VA DMV finally agree in making up something to satisfy State.  But now it’s too late to get a shipper to pick the car up, because yes, they decided not to book that until you provided such document.

Then today was spent driving to Richmond to get a USDA stamp on the health certificate that allows your cat and dog to tag along with you.  (No incidents there – not everything has to be filled with drama, thankfully.)

And then, the whole housing issue.  Where will you live?  Will you go to temporary housing?  They do know that in a little more than 2 weeks you will need a place to stay, right?  After 6 months in temporary housing, you would love a place you can call our own again (who wouldn’t?), so there was lots of stress and sleepless nights.

And this morning, finally, you get the best news imaginable!  No, you didn’t get the neighborhood you wanted, but your building has so much more than you expected, that the fact that the beach is a mile away (instead of, you know, a couple of blocks away), doesn’t even bug you.  You will have a pool.  A POOL!  It’s very rare that buildings in Rio have a pool, so that never crossed your mind as a possibility!  You’re even hopeful that there may be a lap pool as google maps give you just the slightest hint of that.

And this is more or less where your new home will be, come January 2014…


So yes, today we found out we’re getting a sweet 4 bedroom apartment, and did I mention we will have access to a pool?  A pool folks!  As much as I love the beach with all my heart (and I seriously love the beach with all my heart), with a soon-to-be-toddler, a pool will be much more doable than the ocean (see those waves at the bottom of the picture?  They’re the real deal), specially on a day to day basis when husband is busy doing work-things and I’m alone with the kid.  I’ll still go to the beach a lot (A LOT), but this place sounds amazing!  And Karl even gets to metro to work instead of dealing with buses and Rio traffic!

And our place is across the street from Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas (it has a 7.5km jogging path around it, and things like paddle boats), and a mile to Copacabana Beach on the right, or a mile to Ipanema Beach towards the bottom of the picture.

We will have to wait until January, but our plane takes off in 3 days (to the hour!) and off we go to the next adventure.  We will be taking some well-deserved vacation at my parents (even closer to the beach) until the new years.

Oh, and can you believe this chick is already 9 months?


And let’s face it, considering how much still needs to be done before we leave, next time you hear from me will likely be from the Southern Hemisphere! 

(And I know, I have sucked in replying to comments lately, thanks to reading them one handed on the iphone, but I promise I read them all, so please keep on commenting!)

Ah, and for the record, my hip?  Still bad.  Feet?  Still painful.  Someone will need to see a doctor after landing.  *sigh*

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  1. Safe travels, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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