I’m still here…

And it’s been so ridiculously long.  I never thought I would just stop writing in this space, with a bunch of drafts saved that never got finished!

We’ve had trips, we’ve had visitors, Ellie is now a full blown toddler and so far from being a baby now! (And this picture is 2 months old!)  She still not talking much (ah, the bilingual thing is confusing…), but understands everything, makes animal sounds of a LOT of animals, knows what fruits she likes and asks for them, and in general, gets her message across.

IMG_7418Karl got his next assignment, and leaves in July for Islamabad while the rest of us hang out in Rio for another year, then DC for a year so he can learn Korean — and off to Seoul for 3 years in 2017 (crazy knowing this far in advance where we will live!).

We’ve had other news to share…


Because life with a toddler isn’t challenging enough, let’s take the husband out of the picture for a year, and add a newborn to the fun!

We ran a half marathon in July when Kathy was visiting from DC — and was my slowest half by far thanks to under training…

IMG_5723And since then I haven’t run one bit.  Ellie hates the jogging stroller, she started afternoon day care three times a week, but it’s the hottest time of the day, and let’s face it, I’ve been EXHAUSTED.  We live so far from everything, our garage doesn’t have assigned parking, so I get anxiety every time I take the car out if there will be a parking spot I can fit my car in (the spots here were made for Fiat Unos — no one in the building drive those, so they all take more than their spot), so I never end up driving.  I walk everywhere, which includes a 25 minute walk each way to drop her off at day care, or any other errand I need to run.  This week I’ll finally get a cruiser bike with a bike seat on the back (my road bike did not work with the child seat *at all*) and should make my life easier at least until the new baby arrives.

We’ve been to Buzios for a weekend trip, went to Iguassu Falls for Easter, spent a couple of weeks in Portugal where Ellie finally stopped nursing on her own accord, and now have a trip scheduled for the end of the month — sans kid for the first time! — to celebrate our anniversary, in the northeast of Brazil, in Natal.  We booked our R&R to South Africa (but haven’t had a chance to figure out the details of anything else!), and booked a return to Maragogi where we went for our honeymoon (and I blogged it here), for a last trip before Karl goes to Pakistan, this time with Ellie and the new itty-bitty baby in tow, with my brother and sister-in-law tagging along.

We even survived (and loved it!) the World Cup in Rio and the humiliation of Brazil’s defeat.  We got to catch a couple of games in Maracana, even if we failed miserably at scoring tickets for the finals.

And I’m still sharing pictures almost daily on instagram (blogging for lazy people?) at whereiscarla.

I haven’t given up on this space, I’ll be back.  I just hope eventually I can get my crap together to go back to blogging regularly.  It’s not lack of things to share, just lack of time to sit down and write them.  But I miss it, though sadly, laziness wins most days…


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6 responses to “I’m still here…

  1. Congratulations on all your big news!!

  2. Sneha

    I happen to see your blog and loved reading the same ..I have moved from India to Manila and can relate to so many things you have mentioned …I have just delivered my baby boy 10 days ago here ..congrtulation on your big news 🙂 take care of you and lil angel

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  4. Hi! I’m moving to Florianopolis with my husband and 4 month old son from the US. We will be there until my son is 13 months old/

    Any suggestions on what I should bring from the US so I don’t have to buy it there? I wish there was a group for moms who live on Floripa!

    What else should I know/ read about being a mom in Brasil? Thanks for any help and maybe we can meet up when I visit Rio!


    • Hi Liz, everything baby/kids here in Brazil is expensive (and I don’t mean just by a few bucks, I mean something I can buy for less than U$25 on Amazon costs R$300 — U$120 — locally), so as much as you can get away stocking up with birthday and Christmas gifts and clothes for the next few years, do it. Clothes for yourself is not cheap either, though that’s a much more predictable size. I have no idea if you have a proper moving company and can stock up, but at the very least keep in mind that for ANY airline flying here, Brazilian law says each traveler (paid ticket) gets two pieces of luggage at 70lbs each so those extra 40lbs per person goes a long way, take advantage of it, specially since your move will take a few months to arrive and clear customs anyway.

      Sunscreen here is ridiculously expensive, but all other cosmetics are ok. However, if you’re faithful to a department store or sephora brand (specially for makeup), bring it over as it’ll be much cheaper, but your average brand like l’oreal, garnier, dove… All can be found here for an ok price. Deodorant is different here (no solid/gel, most are spray or roll on).

      Remember Florianopolis has more defined seasons than Rio. And check facebook groups, I have found quite a few expat groups in Rio that way.

      As far as other things, I don’t know what’s available in Rio but not in Florianopolis, as Rio is a bigger city, but I don’t have much difficulty finding day to day stuff, it’s just a matter of adjusting to the local options.

      Feel free to email me if you have any other questions!

      Sent from my iPhone


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