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Where I’ve Been–Updated!

After months and months and months of procrastination, I have finally updated my Where I’ve Been page!   I was a bit sad deleting the line “Trips planned for this year” and not replacing it with actual trips planned but there … Continue reading

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Our International Christmas Tree!

I set up our tree early in November, this being the Philippines and all and Christmas decorations were already out, so I joined the fun!  I bought the tree last Christmas and been collecting ornaments during the year, buying things … Continue reading


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Right after getting back from our R&R trip, I was medevaced to Singapore for my NT scan at 12 weeks.  Since Karl was on a work trip with the embassy, my friend Emi tagged along as it was her first … Continue reading


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A weekend in Shanghai? Sign me up!

Karl has been to Shanghai back on his army days (he was posted in Seoul for 4 years and explored a lot of Asia back then), and it’s always been one of his favorite big cities.  I’ve been wanting to … Continue reading


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