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I lied

I did, I did.  My brother left home, and I wrote here just a few days ago, that I was back on track!  Runs + bootcamp everyday + Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD + Bikram yoga + back at eating healthy.

But you know the problem about going off track?   It’s just so so hard to jump back in.  So hard.

Since then, I have attended ONE bootcamp class.  Granted, I woke up feeling like crap a couple of times (as in stay-home-from-work crap, not just lazy crap, which is how I usually feel).  Then, Karl fractured his foot, which makes it that much harder for me to go out to classes in the cold without company.  Plus, I was scared of going to it so close to my 20 miler, just in case it was leg work.  And our place is STILL a mess since my brother left (we’ve been trying to catch up with laundry, so there’s stuff EVERYWHERE), so no space for Jillian Michaels.  And no TIME for it either.

I hate being one of those people that keeps complaining about the lack of time, but damn it, I never have free time anymore.  I don’t even know where time goes.

I managed to go to one Bikram Yoga class last week.  And that’s it.  I ran home from work only once.  This week, I have yet to get a run in, though I’m scheduled for one tonight, the weather in the 60’s plus predicted heavy rain, which might mean no run (and though I would suck it up and run in the rain for training, I also can’t afford to get sick *this* close to the marathon).

And then, just when you think it can’t really be that bad, you go to a friend’s party and promptly stuff your face with a bunch of goodies that days later still make you feel fat, because, you know, you ran 20 miles that morning!  And walked 4!  You EARNED those cookies.  And chips.  And cake.  Ha!  Yeah, no.

So here I am, 59 days until my wedding (!!!), 19 days until my second (and likely final) dress fitting, and 2 pounds heavier than I was a week ago, because even running 20 miles on a Saturday morning, is not enough to undo all the bad that’s been done.

And the worst of all?  I lack motivation.  If a colleague were to stroll by while I’m typing this and offer some chocolate, I’d snatch that baby right up.  And not even feel guilty about it. That’s the worst part of it all.

How do you reclaim motivation?  Part of it is that all the hard work has meant no weight loss for months.  I worked hard this summer (though I admit, weekends I had cheat meals, but I worked HARD, damn it!), and am the same weight I was 4 months ago.  I got as much as 4lbs lower, but my brother’s visit brought all of that back up.  I know now with 2 months 59 days to go, my arms won’t be slim and toned, no matter how hard I work at it.  I can still attempt to improve.  Heck, I still want to lose 10 pounds!  (Please let me lose those 10 pounds!)  But my body won’t be slimmer, or more toned, or any different.  It’s too late for that.  I missed the boat.

I’ll be looking at my wedding pictures, staring at those flabby arms and thinking “if only I could show my toned calves under that dress” — because marathon training?  Gave me some toned calves.  (My thighs are still a jiggly mess, don’t worry.)  Do you know the one thing NO ONE can see under my dress?

Yep, those toned calves.



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Back on track!

(I hope…)

We’re done with out of town visits this year — I’m afraid of weighing myself and finding out how much I put on since my brother got here.  Sure, I still got two of my runs in last week, including the 12 miler, and I still made it out to bootcamp twice, but there was no Bikram yoga, no running home from work, no Jillian Michaels 30-day shred.

What I succeeded in doing was a lot of eating out…  Korean BBQ?  Check!  Mongolian BBQ?  Check!  Indian food?  Check!  Hibachi?  Check!  Pizza?  Check!  Burger?  Check!  Fondue?  Check!  Cold Stone Creamery?  Check!  BBQ at my sister’s with ribs, picanha and sausage?  Check!

Needless to say, not only the diet went out the window, but I ate enough to feed a family of four for a month.  Ack!  I don’t even want to know how much of the good I undid with all of this, but it was worth it!  I was excited to show my brother around and have him and his wife try all the food they don’t have in Brazil (save for the BBQ at my sister’s, of course.  And we have burgers and pizza there too, that was more out of convenience).

But now, back to the grind!  I already cooked veggies last night, and made kale chips for the first time (have you tried it before?  It’s delicious!!).  We went to Bikram Yoga last night, then this morning woke up at 5am for bootcamp.  Tonight, I’m running home from work (if I don’t fall asleep midway, I’m sooo sleepy right now!), tomorrow bootcamp in the morning and group run at night…  And so it goes.

We’re 19 days out from the marathon, and now is not the time to gain weight!  Plus, my first dress fitting is tonight (eeek!) and we’re now 67 days out from the wedding.  In a week it’ll be less than 2 months.

I really can’t gain weight now!  Let’s hope that between all these long runs, the bootcamping (did I tell you that I got another groupon and signed up for yet another month?  ACK!) and the bikram yoga, I can finally lose those 10 pounds I want to lose pre-wedding.  And look more toned.

Damn it, I’ll be sleep deprived, but I better look good!


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Holy Crap! 19 Miles!

Saturday I ran 19 miles.  No, really, 19 miles.  And the best part?  Aside from walking a couple of times to swallow salt pills, I did no other walking.

I met up with the group super bright and early at Roosevelt Island and off we went.  This time, we were going to run at the C&O Canal Trail (unpaved), which starts parallel to the Capital Crescent (paved) but follows (duh) the C&O Canal.  I hadn’t ran on that trail in a loooong time.  I think it’s been a year and a half.  Karl hates it because it’s so damn boring — trees on one side, C&O Canal on the other.   On Saturday, as I was out on my own, he agreed to tag along with me on that, even though he was concerned whether his Five Finger shoes were appropriate for the unpaved full of pebbles trail (he had no issues with it, as long as he avoided stepping on big rocks — which you should do regardless of the type of shoes you’re wearing, no?).

Guess what?  Once you leave DC the trail gets really really really pretty.  No wonder so many DC bloggers love that trail!  Unfortunately, past the Fletcher’s Boat House around mile 3, there are no bathrooms anywhere else.  I had to dart to the bushes to pee (how classy), and I was surprised of how freaking gorgeous the place where I was peeing was.  If I had any energy left, I would have pulled out my camera, but turns out that when I’m out running that long, I can’t multitask at all.

Kathy also tagged along with us for most of the run.

I won’t say that I wasn’t tired, or that I didn’t want to walk many many times.  But the weather was perfect, in the low-70’s at that time so I figured I should at least suck it up for 15 miles, since my longest run where I didn’t have to take a break to walk had been 15 miles so far.  Of course, once I got to 15, I figured it’s only 4 more and might as well aim for it.

I hit my wall BADLY at mile 17.  I was DONE.  But I kept telling myself it was only 2 more miles (trying to ignore how many minutes 2 miles actually translate to), and pushed it through.  My last mile was my fastest, around 10:30 pace (not because I had any energy left, but because I wanted to be DONE with), but I finished my run with my usual slow pace average of 11:53 min/miles (it took me 3 hours and 46 minutes to finish the 19 miles).

Only 2 more long runs left until the marathon (YAY!).  This run also made me rethink my training once more…  I have two 20 milers on the schedule (and I’m tempted to take C&O again for that), for my last 20 miler run, my plan is to complete the 20 miles then walk another 3 miles.  At least I’ll have 23 miles under my belt by the time the marathon comes along.  We’ll see…

I got home, went straight to the shower, and my legs were SO tight.  I got some compression socks this week, and finally tried them out.  I was surprised, within half an hour, my calves had no soreness anymore at all.  I know people swear by them, but I had no clue they worked this well.  If you haven’t tried compression socks yet, do it now!  Totally worth the money.  Amazing!

Yesterday we tried out Bikram yoga again.  I’m TOTALLY sore today.  A good sore.  We’ll see if we can go again on Thursday night, before our trip to VA Beach to run the Rock n Roll Half (which was my first half last year).


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Hot Damn Yoga!

Saturday my run sucked.  Big time.  I was meant to run 18 miles, somehow it only turned out into 17.  I also think I walked at least 4 miles out of that, I have no clue.  It was just a bad day for a run.  At 6am, it was already in the 80’s, it was humid, and there was a code orange air quality due to pollution (and the sky did look a bit hazy…) and I was just SO TIRED.  Whether those were the reasons I sucked, I don’t know, but it was just a bad day for me to run.

This is unfortunate, since it was the biggest crowd I had running my pace yet!  It was a group of 6 of us, all mostly at the same pace, since Jane was taking it easy on the weekend.  But I had to walk after about 7 miles, then again with 12 miles to go, and it took me a while to get going again, walk-running until I had 2 miles left and Margaret pushed me into running to the end.

And you know, I didn’t even beat myself up for it.  You know it’s bad when you walk a lot and have the nerve to not even feel guilty about it!!  All in all, my 17 miles took me 3:38 to complete (a 12:49 pace, ouch!).

I got home and I was BEAT.  I jumped in the shower then went straight back to bed.  So much for my plans on spending Saturday afternoon at the pool, I decided to nap at home instead.  Marathon training is killing my summer 😦

Sunday it was another early day, as Karl and I went out for our first Bikram Yoga (hot yoga) class!  It was actually our first time doing yoga ever…  I’m hoping the hot room will help me get more acclimatized to running in horrible weather.  Hmmmm, maybe?

Anyway, the bikram yoga  Big time.  It was TORTURE.  I was miserable the whole time with the heat, doing the same poses over and over again (how many times do you have to repeat the same thing?).  I knew it was going to be bad when the instructor said “Let’s warm up.  Arms up, fingers interlocked” — and I felt the sweat dripping down my arms.  During the very first move of the freaking warm up!  All I did was put my arms up and I was already dripping in sweat?  UGH.

Those were LONG 90 minutes.  I hated it the whole time.  Yoga was definitely not a “zen” moment for me.  So of course, Karl and I signed up for a 35 class package after that, and we’re going back on Thursday.  Because if it’s challenging, it’s obviously something we want to get better at it.  Plus, I’m on that quest to look good with my dress

We got home, and it was another 30 day shred session.  I still have to drop the weight in the midst of doing some of the moves…  Not yet ready to move to level 2.

Today I’m supposed to run hills with Erin.  Not just any hill, the Walter Reed hill from Shirlington.  In a quarter of a mile, it goes up 130 feet.  Have I mentioned how much I hate hills?


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