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Freaking Finally!!!

After 12 days of waiting and 2 angry posts about it, this just came in my inbox!

Now I just have to print it ūüôā


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MarathonFoto SUCKS!

Remember how last Friday I mentioned how I forked over 80 bucks for the download of my marathon pictures?

Yeah, I’m still waiting on that.¬† I already emailed them to complain and they said “couple of days” — that was 3 days ago.¬† Their excuse?¬† “Due to the large number of orders…”¬† — seriously???¬† IT’S A LARGE EVENT.¬† If you’re not ready to handle large number of orders, then maybe you shouldn’t be there at large events, for god’s sake!

Did I mention I used my debit card?  So as of Thursday last week, my checking account was debited of $80.

They are supposed to send me a link.¬† It’s not like I want a printed picture framed.¬† IT’S A LINK TO DOWNLOAD.¬† Nothing yet.

But they didn’t waste any time debiting my account, did they?

I am so so so frustrated.¬† I don’t even know if I want the stupid picture anymore.¬† A company like this does not deserve my business.¬† They are making a FORTUNE on these events (have you seen the prices of the pictures??) and they can’t turn it around at a reasonable amount of time?


Update:¬† I still get a lot of comments on this post.¬† MaratonFoto did eventually deliver my photos, about a month later (and no, their customer service never got better).¬† So if you’re willing to wait (and wait, and wait…) for your pictures, you will get them.¬† Eventually.¬† Don’t expect them to reply to emails promptly though.


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So there goes my cash…

I caved.  I spent 80 bucks to download all of my Chicago Marathon pictures because I really really liked this picture:

And though I wouldn’t have paid for the other pictures they have, to download just one was $60, or I could pay 20 bucks more and get all of them.¬† (So Kim and Tracy, you’ll be getting a copy of the picture with the three of us.¬† And Jane, if you’re reading this, so will you!)

I don’t have the pictures yet — apparently a link will be sent to me for download (what happened with instant gratification??) but considering that my race pictures usually don’t look that good (again, I think I’m making some weird face here, but at least I don’t look like I’m dying, even though that’s how I feel!), I figured might as well fork over the money.¬† Plus, it’s my first marathon ever, a finishing line photo should be going up on my wall, right?¬† (And at work.¬† And have one sent to my parents…¬† And I can also find many other ways to use them.¬† I can get very obnoxious about this and really make my money worth it.¬† Maybe I’ll even print Christmas cards with them.¬† Kidding!¬† Sort of.)

So there you have it.  If you always wondered who the suckers were who paid those prices for their race pictures, now you know.  The sucker is me.


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Chicago Marathon Official Pictures!

You may or may not have already read my ramblings about the race (and my weekend) here, but our official race pictures are out!

Now do I spend half my salary (ok, I’m exaggerating, but these things are EXPENSIVE) and buy them?

Here I am with Tracey and Jane, pre-race:

Another pre-race shot with Kim and Tracy:

And does it bother anyone else that it looks like my visor is not on straight?¬† I woke up so early, I couldn’t even dress myself.¬† *sigh*

No idea where this was, but it must have been early on, since there was still shade.  I think the light colored visor to my right, right next to the guy in blue is Tracy.

Always smile when you see the photographer, it makes you look like you’re actually enjoying yourself!

Here I just look like I’m concentrating too hard…¬† As if I’m actually trying to stay on top of the line.

You can tell the sun is getting to me.  Big time.  My run is more like a shuffle now.  (And why, oh why, do I run with my hands so far up my chest?)

Picking up the run, but doing some major heel strike here.¬† Don’t you hate finding out just how bad your form is when you see race pictures?

That girl in white must be high.  Who the hell has that much energy left to just give a big wide wide smile this far out in the course?

Finally, finally crossing the finish line!  I just wanted it all to be done with!

This one below is my favorite picture!¬† It seems I’m making a weird face, but whatever, I’m crossing the finish with my arms up!¬† And in case you were wondering, yes, at some point the speakers around mile 15 or so were playing “I throw my hands up in the air sometimes Saying AYO Gotta let go” and I totally threw my hands up in the air and sang along!¬† That was when I was still feeling great.¬† People were looking at my as if I’m nuts.

And finally, officially, DONE:

And one last picture before my hands got loaded up with beer and snacks (I couldn’t carry it all!):


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