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Back to Normal Life?

Remember how I used to blog here?  And share about my trips?  And runs?  And other random crap?

I’m finally “settled” in DC, I had my parents in town for the better part of a month, and my sister-in-law just spent three weeks here with us.  To make things extra special, the week I had in between visits my computer decided to rebel and I had to restore it to factory settings (after spending lots of $$$ to recover my pictures, since I had failed to back them up after leaving Manila).

Visitors are gone, and Ellie finally naps during the daytime (OMG!), and goes to bed consistently around 6:30/7pm every night, so I predict more blogging to come (I hope someone still reads this!  I will go back to blogging about trips and running and baby!).

And Ellie is getting cuter and cuter each day.  Case in point…


Life has been super busy thanks to all the visitors from Brazil (but oh so fun!).  I may have given up running the marathon, but I haven’t given up on running…  Aside from the Ridiculous Race (which was more fun than running),


I ran the Crystal City Twilighter in July, the 9/11 5k, and the Navy Half Marathon just last weekend (I did better than I expected, but horrible compared to my other half marathons, thanks to extra weight, still being out of shape, plus blisters and foot pain – but I’m still vain and can still smile at a camera when I see it one!)  Kathy and Jen ran the half with me, and provided amazing company!


I still have the Army Ten Miler and the MCM 10k to run, before winter sets in. The much cooler weather in DC should help the running too!

I even got my sis-in-law, Lara, to wake up butt early with me yesterday and run to DC, and though she’s still a new runner, so she had to walk quite a bit (plus she was testing out her Newton shoes), she still went 5 miles, which is a record for her!


Ellie had lots of firsts during the time Lara was visiting…  First taste of solid food at 6 months…


First time riding in a shopping cart…


First visit to a museum…


First metro ride (though this picture is from her 6th metro ride or so).


First zoo visit – see the sea lion swimming behind her?


First time petting a cow (this brought giggles out of her!).


First swimming class (which she LOVED).


And we also had Lily’s first visit to Old Town Alexandria (yep, the puppy has not been forgotten!).


Ellie is also liking her stroller more and more, and though I have now mastered wearing her on my back, my poor feet just can’t handle it for more than dog walks or shopping trips (I really really need to call that orthopedic surgeon already to get his opinion…  2 hours is still the limit they can handle a day – whether walking or running – before horrible pain sets in, and when carrying Ellie, it comes much sooner due to the extra weight, which sucks).


Karl is still busy learning Portuguese, and he got a lot of practice when my parents and Lara were here.  I can’t believe that exactly 3 months from today we’ll be arriving in Rio de Janeiro.  Time is flying by…

Until then, hope to update much more often, as I still have a lot to catch up to!


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Knocked Up!


I’ve been exhausted lately (so much so that my blogging is lacking), and even blogged about it a month ago that I thought I might be coming down with something again.  The gym felt much harder, I had to lower the weights and reps (even my grip got weaker!), and exercising just hasn’t been pretty (but I kept up for the most part, even if my trips to the gym are shorter now and more wimpy).

I came back from Thailand having annoyed the crap out of Michelle because I had to pee every 5 minutes.  Add that to sore boobs (ah, fun!), it made me wonder, hmmm, maybe…

I mean, it’s no surprise that I’ve been having baby fever but couldn’t even think about it before our Palau diving trip in April.  After April?  All bets were off.

So I got home from Bangkok at 6am, kissed Karl good day as he headed off to work, then collapsed in bed.  When I woke up, I decided to check if my suspicions could be right…  So Karl came home that day to Lily wearing this shirt (and yes, it went right over his head…  *sigh*):


Yep, keeping this a secret for the last month has sucked, I’m not going to lie.  It was one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging:  not only I’ve been too tired (I mean it’s like jetlag + time difference + feels like I haven’t slept in days kind of tired, and I have insomnia now on and off, which certainly hasn’t helped), it’s also hard to blog when you have to omit exciting news, no?

Though people traditionally spill the beans after they get through the first trimester, they’re not like me, who cannot keep a secret about myself, ever.  I’ve told some people already, hinted to others, but now at 8 weeks I’m ready to officially announce:  this family of two humans + dog + cat will be adding another human in March 2013!

I don’t think telling the news sooner or later will affect the outcome of this pregnancy (and heck, if god forbid, something bad DOES happen, I will for sure be blogging about it!).  Our goal was to wait until we heard the heartbeat at the 8 week appointment.  Might as well tell folks before I get to the US then have to explain why I can’t drink the Hefeweizen I’ve been craving so bad for the last year, right?  (Sorry, Manila, San Miguel does nothing for me…)

And yesterday, we came home from our doctor’s appointment with pictures like these…


And heard that heart pumping fast at 169 beats per minute!  See that big round thing?  That’s the baby’s head.  The body?  Already sprouting some limbs.  All this and the baby only measures 1.67 centimeters today, crazy, huh?

And on other super exciting news:  yes, it’s true, by the time this post goes live, hopefully we’re on our way to the US!  Crazy to think we leave Manila at 6:30am, fly 18 hours to Detroit (making a quick stop in Tokyo on the way), have a 2 hour layover in Detroit, then fly another 2 hours to Charleston, but still make it to Charleston by 4pm!

I caught up in some of my laziness this week, so some posts will be popping up from my Thailand trip, but I’ll try to update from the US too!


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Earlier today, Cath introduced me to another spouse who’s been in Manila for a couple of months now, and turns out she lives just on the floor below me and can see inside my living room window (which is no surprise considering how our building is set up).

She was telling me that shortly after they moved in, she looked out the window and saw Lily, who likes sitting at the back of the couch, like so…


Anyway, she saw Lily and told her husband…

“It’s weird, I know that dog. I even know her name, it’s Lily! How do I know this?”

Then it hit her: “Carla Runs the World lives in our building!”

I thought that was hilarious, and though I once got the “I read your blog” from Karl’s boss’ boss’ boss (or something to that effect), I never had Lily getting recognize before, and that?  Was pretty awesome!

If you’re still reading, welcome to Manila, Ro!  And hope it treats you as well as it’s treating us!


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Lily is Pregnant!

No, not really.  But she thinks she is.

Last Thursday, we finally took her to get spayed, after being delayed because of her skin issues and later because a blood test showed low-platelets.  After supplements, she was finally ready.

She didn’t do too well on surgery and Friday spent the morning in pain.  She didn’t want to eat, and we had to give the pain reliever with food, so the vet stopped by to force feed her some canned food with a massive syringe, and then she was fine after taking the meds.

Too fine, that is.  She went back to her jumping, running around all over the place self in no time.  Though she does hate her e-collar…


By Saturday night she was carrying her ugly rubber chicken with her everywhere and whimpering loudly the whole time. 

By Monday morning, it had not improved, so the vet was back (by the way, have I mentioned how amazing it is that a home visit from the vet costs $12?).  As soon as I lifted her up to show him her swollen belly, milk came out of her nipples.

Are you KIDDING me?

So she’s going through an imaginary pregnancy right now, whimpering and carrying her stupid rubber chicken everywhere with her, as if it was a puppy. 


Couldn’t she have chosen a better looking toy to be her puppy?


To make things worse, all her legs are covered up with flaky scabs on Sunday as well.  A fungal infection, maybe?  Who knows, we’re still waiting for the results.  But the stress from surgery probably lowered her immunity and definitely brought something up.


Honestly, this whole thing made me question the benefits of spaying.  It’s more of a convenience for me (not having to deal with bloody diapers once or twice a year) than a benefit to her.  Sure it reduces the chance for some kind of cancers – but give me a break, organs are being removed, if I removed mine, it would reduce chances of cancers on me too.

If I’m a responsible dog owner, that never leaves her pet unattended unless locked inside the house, why is spaying necessary?  I started to think it’s actually inhumane, done for the benefit of the owners, not the pets.  She’s went through such a hard time, I thought I might lose her (I kept checking if she was still breathing as she was so lethargic), and I don’t think I’d do it again if I knew.  I still believe in neutering (it’s just a snip, snip and done), but spaying is such an invasive surgery!

Plus, her acting all pregnant now is also heartbreaking.  Am I being too sensitive?  I don’t know.  Spaying is definitely a cultural thing, much more common in the US than other countries.  (People look at us as if we’re crazy when we say she went through surgery so she can’t have puppies.) 

What is your take on it?  I feel like I caused my baby pain just for my own convenience, nor hers.


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