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I’m Still Here!

Smack into marathon training as soon as I stepped foot back in DC.  Taking it easy, of course, since I don’t want to get injured, so lots of walking with running for now, until I get my running legs back. 

My troublesome feet?  Have definitely been complaining…  Hoping to snag an appointment with a podiatrist this week and find out why have they been giving me trouble for the last two years.  We will see what happens.

It’s been nice to be back on my beloved trails and see these views once again…


I’ll be back soon to share more about what we’ve been doing since we left Manila, and to hopefully catch up with all the trips that are left to blog about…  Turns out life with a baby?  Much harder to get two free hands than I expected, but I miss writing, and I miss this space.


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Marine Corps Marathon!

So this happened…


(Yes, folks, it’s official, I will add back the “running” into this running blog, woot!)

But that confirmation was not before I went through almost an hour and a half of this…

Active 4

And this…

active 5

And this…

Active 3

And some of this…


And a lot of this….


At the end, I wasn’t successful (and both Karl and I were trying from our respective computers), but my friend Angela was in getting me in.  (Thanks, Angela!)

So it’s official:  in two months (!!!), we move back to the States, I will rejoin my running group, and will start training for the marathon.  (It will be my third marathon, my second MCM.)

I’m not going to lie:  I’m really really nervous about it.  I still have strict instructions that I cannot exercise (my body rejected my stitches from childbirth so my recovery has not been easy), so I don’t even know when I’ll be ok to start running again.  And being stuck at 9lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight, which was already 15lbs above my marathon training weight, I know it’ll make things harder.  Plus, the knee pain that showed up in my third trimester is still there…  And my feet are a constant source of issues since I was training for Chicago.

But Karl promised to watch Elena while I go for training runs, and enough of my friends signed up that I’ll have company for training.

I can do this! 

I can do this, right? 

I really hope I can do this.

Wish me luck.


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Marine Corps Marathon!

And I’m jealous.  Super super jealous!

I had such a great experience at the Marine Corps Marathon last year, and just knew I’d be running it again this year, except life had different plans and we’re in Manila instead.

I love it here, but I really wish tickets to DC were not a small fortune – I would have signed up, and forced myself to run, be it on the treadmill or during typhoons, and I would be joining my amazing friends in DC for the race.

So I’m jealous.  And sad. 

Sad that I can no longer bust 20 miles on a Saturday morning, sad that I won’t be sharing this experience this year, sad that I’m missing an amazing race and I won’t be collecting yet another medal.  It’s weird the things that makes you sad, but this truly makes me sad. 

But just because I’m sad and jealous, doesn’t mean I’m not here, from halfway across the world, cheering on my friends, the many other bloggers who are running it, and all the other 35,000 runners that will be kicking some ass this weekend!  Good luck to all of you!

Marine Corps Marathon:  maybe I’ll see you again in 2013?  Pretty please?  (And you DC people better put it in your calendar, you are training with me!)

Good luck to all of you running this weekend!  And when the uniformed marine slips the medal around your neck, tell me that is not much better than grabbing one from a random volunteer…  And for those of you blogging, I’ll be stalking your race reports, no joke.  Until then, beat the bridge and have fun!


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MCM Official Pictures!

They’re out, and just as unflattering as always!  And our great finish line picture?  A big FAIL.  Good, at least I won’t have to spend another $80 getting pictures of myself…

Here is pre-race when I was still looking good (albeit freezing).  You can check out my arm sleeves!  I really was pushing the pink that morning, huh?

In Georgetown, the arm sleeves had been pushed down, I was still feeling good, checking out my Garmin and realizing we were ahead of pace!  I hate seeing these pictures and how much I am heel striking…

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes…  I *think* this was around Hains Point?  I remember passing this part, but don’t remember where it was!

By the Lincoln Memorial, around mile 16.  Right after seeing Karl, taking a dose of pain relievers when I was dealing with my right calf cramping up.

At the gravel path by the National Mall.  I run around here all the time, but it was totally odd running through here during a race (I think the road was under construction or something, that’s why they moved everyone to the sidewalks).  It was a bit crowded around here too.  Since my feet were sore, I chose to run on the softer terrain and that seemed to help.

Obviously I didn’t notice the photographer here, or I would have faked a smile again.  You can see my look of death.

Jane just looks determined though!

I can’t believe they cut Jane off this picture — but you can see her arm!

Just one foot in front of the other…  Come on, you can do it…  This is past the Iwo Jima hill, I see the finish line, but I run, run, and don’t get any closer!

Approaching the finish line, while still considering stopping right here and taking a break…

On this next one, you can see how Jane was well ahead of me, but decided not to sprint without me (despite me encouraging her to do so!).

Jane literally dragging me across the finish line!  Stupid guy ruined our picture 😦

And we’re DONE!  That big grin?  It’s called relief.

Our deserved finisher’s shot in front of the Iwo Jima memorial — if only they wouldn’t cut off the flag!

My legs are doing much worse than they were in Chicago.  My right calf still feels super-tight, and my walk is not very graceful (not that it ever was…).  Skipping my run tonight to get yet another day of rest, and probably swinging by the store and seeing if I can return the shoes of death.  I can’t imagine running in them ever again.


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