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Wednesday Run

Gosh, whoever complains of time change hasn’t dealt with running after work in the dark for weeks!

I wish I had brought my camera, but I had no idea that I would in fact be running in full light the whole way.  I missed it!  And I get to see the trail again before I leave town!  Next week, I’m definitely taking my camera out and taking shots of the Mt. Vernon Trail, my usual route on Wednesday runs!

Not many people came out today, less than a dozen, probably because they were predicting rain for most of the week, but instead we got a nice sunny day with weather in the lower 60’s and just a great day for a run!  I tried to tag along with Kristy for the most part, but she got super speedy since she started marathon training (her first full is this Sunday!), and sadly I just couldn’t keep up!  I ended up running with Kelly, though I was running out of breath while chitchatting (literally huffing and puffing), and she was doing just fine.

We finished the 40 minute run (it’s taper week, after all!) with a 10:59 mile pace.  My fastest run since the Veteran’s Day 10k, when I ran faster than that, while running twice as long and with a fever!  (And let’s not forget my 10 miler at a 10:07 pace in October…)

It’s really devastating to see how much endurance I lost with those months of injury.  On the bright side, my gross toenail didn’t bother me a bit.  Good thing I cut it off, even if it kills sandal weather for me.


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Wednesday Run


Seriously!  I wasn’t going particularly fast, so it wasn’t one of those runs, but at no point did I feel like quitting, I just felt fine.  It reminded me of a lot of the runs I had when I was marathon training.  I really needed the confidence boost!

We had about a dozen people from the running group showing up (which is the norm for winter night runs), and Kristy was nice enough to run my pace (remember when she actually used to run my pace?  Yeah, she got super speedy!  I’m so proud!).  Hugi tagged along with us as well, which was a treat — I haven’t seen her since my last day of work when I stopped by at her office to give her a goodbye hug.

Saturday, I’m scheduled for a ten miler in NYC!  Jen is coming to the city with me, and we’re staying at Tracy‘s place.  Even Lily is tagging along!  We’re headed that way on Friday, and staying through the weekend.  Tracy will be picking a good ten mile route for us to run on Saturday (I better remember the camera), and if all goes well, I should be right on track for a 11.5 miler next weekend, and (ACK!) my 5th half marathon the following weekend.  Tracy was super nice offering for us to stay at her place.  I only met her once, at the Chicago Marathon, but I guess you do some kind of bonding when you run 13 miles together through miserable weather.

I haven’t been to NYC in two years, since I first started dating Karl (doesn’t he look young?  This was only 2 years ago, I have aged him!).

I figured a short trip was in order before we move.  Karl will be visiting his best friend in Charleston, and since it was such a short trip (Friday night – Sunday), I figured it was not worth to spend the money to get a ticket for me as well.  Plus, let him have some bonding time.  Of course, later I realized it would be the perfect time to hop over to NYC, since the next few weekends will be super busy (we only have 7 weekends left until the move, and one will be spent in VA Beach for the half marathon, the other in Rio — not that I’m complaining).  Funny to think that I lived in that area so long, and not once ran there.  It was years before I became a runner!

I really am fearing that half marathon in VA Beach on the 20th, is the one I’m least trained for, thanks to the hip.

On brighter news, not to jinx myself, but the hip barely hurts today.  It’s the least it has hurt the day after a run, since it first flared up at the end of December.  It gives me hope!

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Wednesday Run

Last night, the weather was still warm (I think it got up to 78?), and it was still freaking MUGGY.  I ran only 4 miles, since that what it was on the schedule for my marathon tapering (holy crap, I really am running another marathon in just 3 days.  And I’m not even worried or nervous about it — that’s the scary part!).

The 4 miles?  WERE HARD.  I ran with Kelly, one of the runners from our group who’s been coming out for a while, but we had never run together before.  We average 10:19 pace, and I was just about dying.  WTF.  On Sunday I finished a ten miler faster than that!  Heat and humidity really take a toll on me.

But as much as I struggled, I’m not complaining.  Six months ago I couldn’t even run four miles at that pace, so I have to concentrate on my achievements, as small as they may be.

The weather for Sunday’s marathon is starting to worry me though.  At the beginning of the week, we had a high of 60 degrees predicted.  Then 2 days ago, it was a high of 63.  Now, it’s a high of 66.  See how it keeps going up?  This is exactly what happened at the Chicago marathon — it went from a high of 75 to an 85 as the week went by.

Please let the high of 66 be it.  I can deal with 66, I think.  Even though that was the temperature last Sunday, and it felt HOT.

I have to figure out my Sunday outfit too — compression socks for sure, either the bright pink again or the bright green…  Running skirt + sleeveless top, now I just have to figure out which ones.  Maybe the white running skirt, the green socks, the bright yellow shirt and my light blue camelbak to represent the colors of the Brazilian flag (different shades for sure, but right colors nonetheless).  At least if I look that ridiculous it’ll be easy to pick me out from the crowd!


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The Chicago marathon is known for being a flat race.  I did not think the marathon was flat.  There were hills, and though they weren’t long or particularly steep, they were there.  But when I spoke with Meg right after the race, she was excited that the marathon really was flat.  Huh?

This is what the elevation chart for the marathon was, according to my Garmin:

Yes, I stared at this for a few seconds and thought “this is in no way hilly, was I high?”

So then I got curious and started checking out my other runs.  This is the profile for my usual runs on Wednesdays, at the Mt Vernon Trail from Crystal City…


Ok, but how about when I take the 14 Street Bridge onto DC?  It’s an extra mile, but that has a bridge!  Right in the middle of my run!!  Now THAT’s a change in elevation!  It’s a real bridge, right over the Potomac River!!!

Oh crap, maybe not.  (So why does going up that bridge from the trail feels so hard??)

Ok, so when I run from work to Pentagon City (almost home!), there are some hilly parts, right??


And I KNOW that running on the C&O Canal, where I did my 20 milers, there is some elevation, because at some point we’re totally above the Potomac River!


Oh wait, we go from about 50 to about 150 feet in roughly 15 miles??  No wonder it never actually felt like a hill.

Don’t get me wrong, DC and Arlington, where I live, have some BIG STEEP HILLS.  But I run on trails.  On scenic trails.  Those that have a waterfront view and follow the river.  And they are pretty.  And, oh, wait, right.  That’s why they’re flat…  *sigh*

Now you understand why the constant uphill/downhill in Chicago was considered hilly for me — they were not big hills, but when I’m thinking about a “flat” course, I’m thinking it’s like Virginia Beach.  Or like the trails I’m used to (that have some elevation, and those are bridges and overpass, not, you know, hills).

So now you can understand why when looking at the Marine Corps Marathon elevation chart, I get a tad fearful…  At least after mile 8, I’m golden (but can I run downhill for 2 miles?).

I’m screwed.


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