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Back to Normal Life?

Remember how I used to blog here?  And share about my trips?  And runs?  And other random crap?

I’m finally “settled” in DC, I had my parents in town for the better part of a month, and my sister-in-law just spent three weeks here with us.  To make things extra special, the week I had in between visits my computer decided to rebel and I had to restore it to factory settings (after spending lots of $$$ to recover my pictures, since I had failed to back them up after leaving Manila).

Visitors are gone, and Ellie finally naps during the daytime (OMG!), and goes to bed consistently around 6:30/7pm every night, so I predict more blogging to come (I hope someone still reads this!  I will go back to blogging about trips and running and baby!).

And Ellie is getting cuter and cuter each day.  Case in point…


Life has been super busy thanks to all the visitors from Brazil (but oh so fun!).  I may have given up running the marathon, but I haven’t given up on running…  Aside from the Ridiculous Race (which was more fun than running),


I ran the Crystal City Twilighter in July, the 9/11 5k, and the Navy Half Marathon just last weekend (I did better than I expected, but horrible compared to my other half marathons, thanks to extra weight, still being out of shape, plus blisters and foot pain – but I’m still vain and can still smile at a camera when I see it one!)  Kathy and Jen ran the half with me, and provided amazing company!


I still have the Army Ten Miler and the MCM 10k to run, before winter sets in. The much cooler weather in DC should help the running too!

I even got my sis-in-law, Lara, to wake up butt early with me yesterday and run to DC, and though she’s still a new runner, so she had to walk quite a bit (plus she was testing out her Newton shoes), she still went 5 miles, which is a record for her!


Ellie had lots of firsts during the time Lara was visiting…  First taste of solid food at 6 months…


First time riding in a shopping cart…


First visit to a museum…


First metro ride (though this picture is from her 6th metro ride or so).


First zoo visit – see the sea lion swimming behind her?


First time petting a cow (this brought giggles out of her!).


First swimming class (which she LOVED).


And we also had Lily’s first visit to Old Town Alexandria (yep, the puppy has not been forgotten!).


Ellie is also liking her stroller more and more, and though I have now mastered wearing her on my back, my poor feet just can’t handle it for more than dog walks or shopping trips (I really really need to call that orthopedic surgeon already to get his opinion…  2 hours is still the limit they can handle a day – whether walking or running – before horrible pain sets in, and when carrying Ellie, it comes much sooner due to the extra weight, which sucks).


Karl is still busy learning Portuguese, and he got a lot of practice when my parents and Lara were here.  I can’t believe that exactly 3 months from today we’ll be arriving in Rio de Janeiro.  Time is flying by…

Until then, hope to update much more often, as I still have a lot to catch up to!


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I personalized my Kindle!

Now how is it that after a year of my love affair with my kindle (I have read over 60 books in the last year, that’s some pretty good quality time spent with the kindle, no?), I only now found out that there’s a way to have your own screensavers on it?


Sure, you need to hack it, but it took me all of 15 minutes to do it (and then another hour or so going through pictures, choosing them, and changing their settings so they would be just right – if you’re wondering: 600 x 800 pixels, grayscale, 8 bits).


And yes, some of the diptic pictures I created made the cut too, which made it a lot easier choosing the finalists… 

Now when I turn my kindle off, I no longer have to stare at dead authors!  I get to look at these memories instead…


It’s waaaaay better, no?  It makes me smile every time I look at them!  It seems like there’s a maximum of 20 pictures you can use, so I put 19 to allow myself another one this year without having to decide which to delete.


You can even set a random mode, so it’s a different picture every time you turn your kindle off!

If you’re baffled like I was when I found out this was possible, just google “changing kindle screensaver” and you should be able to find the right instructions for your model – as long as you know how to use windows explorer (you know creating folders and moving files around), you won’t have a hard time either. 

Or, if you’re being lazy and you have the Kindle 3G with the newest update, shoot me an email and I can send you step by step directions (since it took a couple of times to get it to work – turns out I had to rename the screensaver update file to match with the first one I used).

To complete the new look, I just bought a “skin” for my kindle from DecalGirl – they look so freaking cool, and the facebook pictures from happy customers look awesome!  I chose this one:


My kindle is in the case for the most part, since it has the built in light, but once in a while I remove it and put it in its waterproof case if I’m near a pool, beach or the tub.

Now, I’m a bit clumsy when installing these things, so I admit I’m nervous that I’ll mess it up, so I’ll post an update after my order gets here and everything works out (or not, but let’s be optimistic and not assume I wasted 15 bucks, k?). 

Anyone else has “skins” on their kindle (or laptop, iphone, etc?).  How do you like it?  And did you do a little squeal when you found out you can change your kindle screensaver?  (Wait, was that just me?)


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Baby Fever

No, no, no, I won’t be breaking any news today, or going “SURPRISE!” – no babies on the way.

But it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been having baby fever lately.  AND BAD. 

I never understood when my friends would talk of baby fever.  It sounded more like a made up thing, than an actual phenomenon, but for the last 6 months or so, every time I see a baby (and there’s a lot lately – every friend and every blog I read seems to be popping out babies this year), I think “I want one too!”

When we first got assigned to Manila, Karl and I decided to put kids on hold and enjoy two years traveling as much as we could.  And we really got a lot done already in the 6 months we’ve been here, averaging 1 trip a month.

But I don’t think I can wait the 2 years we discussed anymore.  I want a baby NOW.  (I don’t even know how the heck I’m going to deal with being 9 months pregnant:  I’m not a patient person.  And childbirth terrifies me – I can’t possibly be the only person afraid of it, no?)

For those of you single and/or child-less friends, no worries:  there won’t be any announcements anytime soon.  We have a BIG DEAL diving trip planned for April, and it didn’t take much googling to know that one cannot dive when pregnant.  It’s not even like drinking “a glass of wine is ok” – nope, it’s a no-no-no-no thing.  Not only it can cause miscarriage, but an embryo’s lungs are not fully developed, and there are no studies showing how the nitrogen could affect them on the way up from a dive.  (It’s not one of those things that people are offering themselves up as volunteers, you know?)

So yeah, after April, we might reconsider the idea.  I truly hope to have lost some weight by then and be back in shape – if I were to get pregnant, I would want to be at my healthiest.  But who knows, by then I might be even more excited about future travels and not willing to give up my last year in Manila.  But we’ll see. 

Baby fever sucks.  Good thing I have pets to keep me distracted.




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Two Finalists!

I asked around on Facebook but not everyone who replied actually read this corner of the world.  No one like mine “The World is my Running Path” suggestion, so we’re down to two names.

Thanks everyone who gave great suggestions for blog names!  My favorite blog name/tagline is actually not a finalist, it was my friend Jess’ suggestion of “No Stone Left Unturned” with the tagline “Running over them, swimming under them, no matter where in the word they might be!”  but the domain is not available (or its variation of “”), and I really prefer a .com address, so at the end I decided in two names where there was no tagline needed.  Anyway, please vote on the two finalists:

“Where in the World is Carla?”  (suggested by Christina)


“Carla Runs the World” (suggested by both my friend Frances and Jen, who doesn’t have a blog but is training for her first 10k, so wish her luck!)

People on facebook thought that “Carla Runs the World” was a clear winner, but some also suggested that the second one sounds like a Beyonce song, but apparently I’m out of date with my pop song references, as I have no idea what song that is.  I definitely don’t want to name my blog after a Beyonce song though!  (Nothing against Beyonce, but come on!  As soon as the song gets overplayed, won’t people will look at my blog and roll their eyes?)

With that said, what is your vote?  (And does the second one makes you think of Beyonce?)


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