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Marine Corps Marathon!

So this happened…


(Yes, folks, it’s official, I will add back the “running” into this running blog, woot!)

But that confirmation was not before I went through almost an hour and a half of this…

Active 4

And this…

active 5

And this…

Active 3

And some of this…


And a lot of this….


At the end, I wasn’t successful (and both Karl and I were trying from our respective computers), but my friend Angela was in getting me in.  (Thanks, Angela!)

So it’s official:  in two months (!!!), we move back to the States, I will rejoin my running group, and will start training for the marathon.  (It will be my third marathon, my second MCM.)

I’m not going to lie:  I’m really really nervous about it.  I still have strict instructions that I cannot exercise (my body rejected my stitches from childbirth so my recovery has not been easy), so I don’t even know when I’ll be ok to start running again.  And being stuck at 9lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight, which was already 15lbs above my marathon training weight, I know it’ll make things harder.  Plus, the knee pain that showed up in my third trimester is still there…  And my feet are a constant source of issues since I was training for Chicago.

But Karl promised to watch Elena while I go for training runs, and enough of my friends signed up that I’ll have company for training.

I can do this! 

I can do this, right? 

I really hope I can do this.

Wish me luck.


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Sharks and Turtles

In almost every dive in Palau…




And don’t forget the occasional Manta rays…


And the surprise appearance of dolphins during our boat ride in between dives…


Loads more to come when we get back to Manila! (It’s a pain to blog from the tablet, and the internet connection here is iffy — and expensive!)


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Am I still a marathoner?

Some days I question if I can still call myself a runner, but I certainly don’t feel like a marathoner anymore…

It was over a year ago today that I crossed the finish line of my first marathon


(Are you sick of seeing this picture already?  Because, sorry, but I’m not!  It’s still my favorite race picture ever!)

And this coming weekend it’ll be a year since I crossed the finish line of my second, and last, marathon…


And since then, I’ve run a couple of half marathons, but even that seems like a whole world away.  Because it was – it was on my old life, back in DC, where I had a wonderful group to run with, all my runs consisted of outdoor runs with company, and my Saturday morning routine was getting a long run in, instead of sleeping in and going to the farmer’s market.

I still hope I’ll get to run another marathon someday (maybe MCM again in 2013 – I WILL be back in DC for that and I am still in love with that marathon), but when my longest run in Manila has been 5 miles, while struggling, I feel far from a marathoner.  But I hope to be there someday again.

So you can imagine my surprise when this arrived on the mail…


From Lesley!  With a sweet note to boot!


“Thought maybe this would give you a little running pick-me-up!  You are strong…  Believe you still have that 26.2 in you!  Lesley”

Now isn’t that the sweetest surprise?  (I had no clue it was coming!  She had asked for my DPO address, but I didn’t give much thought to it!)

And the shirt?  Super cute!  And COMFORTABLE!  (Yes, it’s a bathroom picture!  Staying classy in Manila…)


And though my sports bra totally peaks out from it, just one more thing to color coordinate before a run, no?


(No idea why this picture came out so grainy…  I think I should have turned the mirror lights off because the camera got totally confused…)

So Lesley thinks I can run another marathon, and I still hope I can!  I need more motivation and more goals, but I hope that little by little, I can at least call myself a runner again…

What is the best surprise you’ve ever got in the mail?

And don’t forget to help me pick a new blog name in this post!  You can win some Manila goodies!


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And… There’s no 10k…

Please be informed that the Avon Race to 125,000 Kisses will be postponed to next Sunday, October 9, due to the PAGASA weather alert on Typhoon Quiel.

I just received the email above. 

Obviously, after the typhoon this week everyone is being extra careful.  And my race has been moved to next Sunday (I was finally starting to feel ready for it, damn it!). 

And guess who will be in Korea next Sunday?

Yep, that would be us.  (Don’t get me wrong, I rather be in Korea – my first time – than running a 10k.  But still…)

So the 10k that wasn’t…  First race I have registered for that I won’t be running (heck, I ran my last 10k with the flu, so it’s big deal that I’m missing this!).

Though I would be upset if it was canceled for nothing, I really hope we don’t have the kind of weather we had earlier this week, as enough people have been affected by this last bout of flooding, and the main embassy building won’t reopen until Tuesday, as is.  I can’t even imagine if more floods come our way.

Wish us luck weather-wise, and wish Cath and Mai Mai luck on the race next Sunday – I’m hoping to introduce them this week and they can kick some 10k ass without me! 

Update:  I woke up at 7:30am with the sun shining on my face, despite the blinds being down.  Yep, we could have run the race with no issues, it was bright and sunny then.  We had rain mixed with sunshine all day, but at no point it was windy, or there was strong rain – not even a storm (and we get quite a few of those this season, even without typhoons looming around).  We even took Lily to play at the park.  I’m so sad I didn’t get to run the 10k.

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