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45 Days. Commence Freak out.


When I first set up my countdown app for our move to Brazil, it seemed like such a long way out – Ellie wasn’t even born yet!

And here we are, 5 months after leaving Manila, 4 months after getting settled in DC, and in a month and a half we start the whole process again.  Sorting air shipment (600lbs) from freight (max of 1,000lbs we have leftover from Manila) from personal luggage (two 70lb bags for each of us).  Figuring out the pets’ vaccines and international health certificates.  Figuring out what we will need as soon as we arrive, and what we can wait a little longer for.

I thought that having time in DC would mean I would be hopping in the metro every day and exploring museums, but the shutdown of the ONLY elevator to the metro in Crystal City ruined that fun, because I cannot bring a stroller, and though both Ellie and I love her carrier, my poor feet can’t handle multiple hours with the extra weight on.  (The elevator has been out of service since JULY.  It was meant to be back up in October, yet nothing has been done.  So much for living close to the metro convenience!  WMATA sucks big time.)

I also thought I would have so much free time!  But life with a baby doesn’t lead to a lot of it.  Now that Ellie has set times for her naps (and boy does she get cranky if she misses it), my days revolve around them.  Sure, I’m letting her dictate my time, but life for her is going to go upside down again (in 45 days!) so let the girl get her rest now.  Ellie is an easy baby, so I honestly cannot complain, but she likes company, she likes interaction, so that leads to even less free time.

But you know what?  I love it!  NEVER in my 20’s being a stay at home mom was something I craved for.  I had ambition and wanted a career!  But being at home with her is such a luxury!  I know a lot of my friends who work would take my place in a heartbeat, specially when their babies were still so little.  I know it won’t last forever – DC life is far from affordable, and if we’re ever back here for an assignment (instead of training like now), we won’t get free housing, so back to work I go.  But until then?  I’m enjoying the time with my little girl.


I started sorting things out as much as I can, started making lists of things that need to be done before we go (quite a bit).  Trying my best to see friends, but it’s been so hard to fit it all in, as crazy as that sounds!

And of course, the fact that we still don’t have a housing assignment, even though Karl starts work 58 days from now, is not helping.  I’m hoping the delay eventually leads to good news and we get the neighborhood we want (Leblon – near the beach, not too far of a drive from my parents place in Barra, not as touristy as Copacabana).  I know others arriving in Brazil after us (but not necessarily in Rio) who already know where home will be.  Not knowing adds to the stress.  In this lifestyle full of unknowns, I try to grab for every little certainty we get.

And running is still going, or at least it was.  I’m still not any faster, and not any more graceful, but I was doing ok until the MCM 10k.  Then that afternoon my right hip felt very tender to the touch, inflamed really.  But it didn’t hurt to walk on it, so I ran 4.25 miles on Wednesday and definitely felt during the run.  And since then it hasn’t gotten any better and it’s been hurting to walk.  Like I need more injuries!  So skipping today’s run and debating the Wilson Bridge Half Marathon I had signed up for on Sunday.

I do keep meaning to update this blog, I’ve just had no inspiration, but soon I’ll be back posting daily again, I know it, that like everything else, writing comes in cycles.

For now, guess who turned 8 months (8 MONTHS!) yesterday?



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Ooops, I did it again…

Remember the day we moved to Makati, and I showed up at home with this


Well, last night after dinner at the Ayala Park, Karl was ahead of me as he was stopping by McDonalds to get us sundaes (another oops…), and as I walked with Lily I spotted this scared gray kitten, completely terrified and alone.

I don’t need to tell you that when I waved my husband back across the street that I was not his favorite person then.  But how can I leave a tiny kitten left to die like that?  (And I think 2 kittens in 2 years in a city where there are strays everywhere is a pretty good number, no?)

So we brought him home, and under the light I saw how filthy he really was.  Off to the sink with some pet soap he went, and after lots (and lots) of scrubbing, and a total of three wash-rinse cycles (for real!), we got all the fleas and dirt out, and turns out the gray kitten was actually white…


And he might look well fed, thanks to his longer than usual fur, but he’s a skinny little thing once you touch him – you can feel every single rib and spine bone.  But we solved that problem by quickly feeding him after the bath (yay for not having to bottle feed again!), and boy, was he starving!


And I even cuddled with him a bit on the couch.  He purrs like no cat I’ve ever seen, and loves to cuddle and knead.  So different than the other kitten who was a feisty little thing!


Karl’s mean cold heart finally softened too, and he snuggled with the kitten today.


Of course, we can’t keep him.  Not only a newborn is entering our lives soon, but Lucas made it clear to us (again!) that he is in a one-cat family (nothing like seeing your sweet grown cat madly hiss at a tiny kitten).

Vet is coming tomorrow, and hope to advertise him for adoption soon once he gets a clean bill of health.  He’s such a little snuggly thing, that hopefully won’t be too hard for him to find a good home!  (Anyone in Manila reading this wants to adopt a kitty?)



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09/11/01 – WTC – I Was There

Every year I link to these posts, apologies for those of you who have read this since the first year.  But, even though it’s been over 10 years, it has shaped me, and it will always be remembered.

So this is my story:

09/11/01 – WTC – I Was There:  Part 1

09/11/01 – WTC – I Was There:  Part 2


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Draw Something

I was obsessed with the Draw Something app a few months ago, but for the last few weeks or so, it has lost its spark.  I haven’t touched it in a while, but know soon enough I’ll feel creative again (yep, blogger slacker AND Draw Something slacker!).  I think it lost its appeal though, when people started guessing the drawing by looking at the letters available to them instead of the drawing – sometimes they would guess even before I put the first dot on the picture!  Now what’s the fun in that?  And why do I spend time drawing if you’re just going to try to unscramble the letters given to you?  The words also haven’t been as much fun, since it was sold to Zynga…

But when I was playing daily, I saved some of my drawings, here are some of them!  I’m a firm believer that this is like pictionary, no words allowed!  The answers are below each picture, but see if you can guess (and no, not all the pictures below were guessed successfully). 


Clockwise from top left:  Gangster, Snowball, Vitamin, Titanic


Clockwise from top left: Drain, Swing, Log, Teacup


Clockwise from top left:  Mario, Starfish, Golfcart, Plumber


Clockwise from top left:  Goggles, Magician, Giraffe, Shower


Clockwise from top left:  Trump, Cricket, Travolta, Drunk


Clockwise from top left:  Marriage, Puzzle, Cupid, Dream


Clockwise from top left:  YMCA, Ballerina, Robe


Clockwise from top left:  Vomit, Bikini, Backflip, Beyonce


Clockwise from top left:  Ewok, X-Ray, Blanket, Marge


Clockwise from top left:  Tennis, Bulls, Medusa, Alone


Clockwise from top left:  Pregnant, Pacman, Rocket, Fireworks

And yes, it seems that I love drawing stick figures. Who knew?


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