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I bitched about my treadmill enough, that when it arrived the iFit feature wasn’t working.  (Among other things, the iFit allows you to map workouts, and not only get to see street view of routes through google maps, but the elevation changes automatically as well.)

Anyway, after lots and lots of emails between me and NordicTrack, where their customer service went from very responsive, to completely sucky, to very responsive again, they finally did send me a new console (which my sister forwarded to me DPO, as the company refused to do so).  It took weeks, but they came through! 

(I should note that they tried to not fix things by telling me that the warranty was voided the day it left the country, and that such thing is written on my manual, and I reminded them how it took 6 weeks for delivery, after they promised it would be delivered in 3 weeks.  I have a crapload of emails back and forth from March, where they assured me it would arrive in time for me to test it out, and it didn’t, as it arrived the same day as my movers, and never left the original box until it arrived in Manila.  So they made an “exception” and sent me a new console.)

The new console has been sitting in my workout room for a month now.  Last night, I finally asked Karl for some help and we decided to tackle the thing.

Let’s just say it looks a LOT easier than it was.  It took us 3 hours, between unscrewing everything, trying to remove the plastic wire connections that would not pull apart, then lining up all the holes with the screws but having enough large cables coming out that things would not align (and putting enough space so that my hand could fit in between and tuck everything back in, meant also enough space so that the 4 thick cables that were way too long for the small hole they were supposed to fit in, would also pop back out).  And since pretty much the whole top part of the treadmill was removed and pulled apart, then reassembled, we also had the fun time of lining up those holes so we could put the screw threw them (much harder than it looks when the holes would not match up!).

(I should note that there were no instructions of how to assemble it, just how to disassemble.  Luckily, we kept good track of all the screws, and it worked out.)

After all of that, it was with one BIG sigh of relief that the iFit module is now working!  It picked up my network right away, the screen didn’t freeze as it did before, and I was even able to login!

Now I just have to figure out how to use the damn thing.  It seems like it only gives me one workout at a time, no option to choose it from the treadmill only from the computer, and no option to run race courses around the world (which was the exciting part of it).  If anyone has iFit tips, send them my way!

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3 Miles a Day

I’m putting it out there – 3 miles a day, 5 days a week. 

That’s my goal from now on.  I don’t care if I run all 3 miles, if I walk the whole thing, if I do half running half walking, if it’s indoors, outdoors, or a mix.  If I go by myself, if I do it with company.  If I do it all at once or spread out throughout the day.  All I care is that I’m covering the distance.  And yes, I’m allowed to do more – 3 is the minimum.  It’s an achievable goal. 

I mean, it really doesn’t take that long to get 3 miles in, no?


Because those 20 pounds?  Sadly, they added new friends to the mix.  I increased my workouts, I stopped drinking mango shakes every time we eat out in favor of water, we have been eating at home during the week, and eating healthy when we do so (so much salad that Karl started complaining).  But instead of losing weight?  I gained. 

(And if you’re wondering, I also have a doctor’s appointment this week to make sure that everything else is ok, because so much weight gain?  I don’t care how you spin it, it’s NOT normal.  It’s not like I sit at home eating ice cream and donuts – heck if I did at least the weight would have been worth it, damn it!  And though I still occasionally indulge on dessert, once a week sweet treat doesn’t make anyone fat!  And let’s not forget that in Makati I walk everywhere already as is.)

And instead of claiming a new goal in the blog and saying how I’m starting it tomorrow, I’m taking ownership of it NOW, and saying that I HAVE started it.  Yesterday.  And ran my fastest 3 miles since arriving in Manila, which hopefully means that if I keep up, I can get my old pace back (granted, those were treadmill miles on an AC room, but it all counts!).


I ran the first two miles with a 10:54 pace, 0.5 incline, then increased the speed slightly at the last mile, finishing it with an average of 10:43 pace.  The first two miles felt great, the last mile I wanted to quit (but didn’t).  This time, I needed to run the whole thing as I had to fit in before a doctor’s appointment (the hives are back.  FML). 

And yeah, the advantage of running at home is that I totally can rock the racerback top with a non-racerback bra. 


Keeping it classy in Manila.


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One of those days…

After the storm here finally let out, I no longer had an excuse not to run.  Ok, fine, I had no excuse yesterday either, since we have a treadmill at home, but I was busy doing nothing and staring out the window going “OMG, the wind!” and hanging out with Karl and Steph, who experienced her first typhoon during her short visit (she just left tonight).

This morning, my plan was to get a run in first thing, so Steph could have a day of pampering (and pampering we did!  pedicure + eyebrow threading (her first time!) + massage + facial + sushi!  I need visitors here more often).

I hopped on the treadmill, and within seconds I knew it was not going to be a good day.  No song *clicked* and made me tolerate running.   Today, running was SO hard.

Killing the 0.5 incline and changing the pace to a 12 min/mile pace made no difference in my perceived effort level, so I turned back the low incline and kept the pace a bit faster.  If it all sucks, might as well finish quicker.

I struggled, told myself I would quit at mile 2, so I just had to keep going for a little longer…  Of course by the time I got there, I figured might as well finish the whole run, so I sucked it up, and even ran the last mile faster (because going faster didn’t feel any worse than going slower, it really really really all sucked).

I finished 3 miles with an 11:16 average pace (which for these days, is actually good).

Tomorrow?  I better get one more run in, then I can finally say I’m somewhat ready for that Sunday 10k.

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Running on vacation!

No crap, I actually ran while we were in Cebu! 

I knew I HAD to get a 3 mile run in, and though I was again faced with a treadmill in kilometers, I still decided to suck it up and go by how I feel (even if I have no idea what my pace truly was, my guess is:  slow).

The gym was waaaay nicer than what I have in my building, with a lot more equipment, personal TV on each of the cardio equipment and a view of the resort grounds. 

Tomorrow?  Meeting up with Mai Mai again to crank up 5 miles on the streets of Makati.  Wish me luck – the 10k is already next weekend, and I’m no more ready for it today than I was when I first signed up for it a week ago.   Ooops.


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