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Palau: Jellyfish Lake — The Video!

I already posted a bunch of pictures of the Jellyfish Lake in Palau, but nothing like a video to see how really graceful and peaceful it was.  As before, you can just click on the video below, but it’s best if you click on the HD tab and see it in its original quality.

By the way, if you’re too lazy to watch the whole thing, start watching at minute 3:00 — there will be a surprise appearance by Karl attempting his best “where the hell is Matt?” dance, and after that part you truly see howcrowded the lake was — before we though we were seeing a bunch of them, but it was nowhere close to it.



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Hope to see you again, Palau!

So far this is the only video I have uploaded from our trip.  This is a short video from Ulong Channel, Palau – stick around to see a turtle, shark and a humongous (and super friendly) Napoleon Wrasse.  (If you go to vimeo you can watch it with HD on, as the video lost a ton of quality after the upload – how can I avoid that?  Other people’s videos online don’t turn to crap after uploading!)

So yeah, we’re back in Manila.  After the clusterf**k of NAIA Terminal 1 yesterday night we managed to get home about 2.5 hours after landing (no, there was no traffic coming home – 2 hours was just to get OUT of the airport!).  Why, oh why, if you know there are planes coming from a location (like UAE) that brings thousands of overseas workers, can’t you make those airlines spread out their arrival throughout the day instead of everyone arriving at once?  The line at immigration was far from a proper line and looked like exit doors after a baseball game when everyone is trying to go through the same door at the same time.

We were able to push our way through to get to the diplomatic line, but it was another 45 minutes before the baggage for our flight even started showing up on the carrousel – all 5 carrousels were taking care of 3 flights each and because so many people were stuck at the immigration line, the bags weren’t being picked up, airport personnel were not removing bags from the carrousel, so instead they would pause the damn thing, and wait until it had space to start up again.

That was definitely my idea of hell, and though we were miserable after only a 2.5 hour trip, I can’t even imagine what all the OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers) feel like after being in flights much longer than ours, eager to see their family members (who most haven’t seen in years), but instead they get stuck in a small terminal that just can’t handle the crowd (and the crowd outside the terminal was just as crazy).

The Terminal 1 at NAIA was voted the worst airport in the world, and I wish I had the sense of mind to pull off my camera and take pictures – words do no justice to the ridiculous mess that terminal was yesterday.  And yes, traffic to the airport was backed up for miles.

Right now I’m sorting through the tons of pictures I took (which ones to keep?  Which ones to delete?  Way too many of them!), and I also have to do something about the loads of videos – do I put all the shark videos in one go, instead of having 10 separate videos for sharks?  And if yes, how the hell do I do that as I have no clues about video editing?

Anyway, keep posted for more.  Palau was amazing, and if you haven’t been, you must go.

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6 months or 25% of our time here

6 months ago today, we landed in Manila, Philippines, to start this new and exciting phase of our lives.

Since arriving, we have taken many trips, had one pet emergency, hired both a maid and a driver (crazy!), visited new countries, hosted one guest (2 more to come in the next month), got our diving certification and got 21 dives in, made new friends, lost friends, and made our place a home.

Can you believe that we’re a quarter of the way into our time in Manila?  Sure, we only leave in April 2013, which sounds SO far away, but 6 months already went by fast, my guess is the next 1.5 years will do just the same.

In honor of our time here, I’m giving you a much delayed house tour video!  I think it gives a better idea of our apartment much better than pictures (which can be seen here, here, here and here).

A few things you’ll notice in this video:  I didn’t put things away to shoot the video (it was more of “I’m alone with 10 minutes to kill, let me do this now”), I’m not wearing makeup, and though I would like to apologize for not doing so, I wear makeup once every week or two (yes, even back when I worked), so yeah, that’s how I usually look like.  Keeping it real! 

At least I washed my hair, so there’s that.  I’m very awkward in front of a camera (and to think I wanted to be an actress on my teen years!), and…  My accent is out in full-glory.  It’s not always out, but get me drunk, angry, or talking in front of a camera and I’ll be talking: 1) fast and 2) with a lot of accent (I’m from Brazil, after all, though I don’t have the usual Brazilian accent, probably because I became fluent in English when I was 5 years old).

Without further delay… (Sadly youtube cuts the quality a lot when I upload it…)

Home Tour

5 months after moving into our place after spending a month in temporary housing, I still I LOVE our apartment!


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Turtles and Sardines!

These are similar, but different enough…  Again, like the other videos I posted earlier today, they’re just a few seconds long. 

I love how graceful the turtle swims and how incredible the sardine wall is (pictures definitely don’t give it justice!).

This was from when we spotted our first turtle, before we swam closer to it.

Turtle Bay House Reef–Moalboal, Cebu

Then we caught up to it, look how gracefully it swims…  It just glides in the water…

Turtle Bay House Reef–Moalboal, Cebu

A whole different turtle on our last dive – this one just swam away from us, but it’s cool that you can see the remoras swimming underneath.

Turtle at Panagsama Beach, Moalboal, Cebu

And now for the sardines.  This thing is AMAZING.  Seriously worth watching!  Can you believe all that dark cloud is made of billions of sardines?

Sardine Wall–Pescador Island, Cebu


And this one you can see them moving about pretty well (they form that “hole” whenever someone shines a light, or if the air bubbles get close).

Sardine Wall 2–Pescador Island

And lastly, one video showing a whole different perspective, the sardines swimming by in shallow water.

Sardines–Pescador Island, Cebu

And these are all my underwater pictures and videos from the trip!  We’re off to Coron tomorrow, not coming back until Tuesday, so I might be quiet for the next few days.  (We’ll only go diving twice while we’re there, but to old Japanese shipwrecks.  This should be interesting…) 

I’ll post a little travel review of Moalboal, Cebu, soon!


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