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Guess what?


Yep, I actually went to the gym yesterday! (And took a blurry picture while at it…)  I seem not to be as tired this week as I’ve been, probably because I’ve been sleeping a little bit better the last few days (yay!), so took full advantage of it!

I only had a half-assed workout, as I’m almost 33 weeks along after all, so decided to take it easy, and actually ease myself back into a routine.  Only did a set of deadlifts, a set of squats, with 25lb dumbbells (and to think I used to use 35-40lbs), and one set of shoulder raises, and one of lat pulldown.  Then I did a 10 minute prenatal pilates video from youtube at home and called it a day (I would have done another one, but the stupid thing wouldn’t stop loading every minute or so, so I gave up on my crappy internet connection.  Trying to figure out how to download it, because I can’t really workout if I keep waiting for the thing to load, even after I paused it and “preload it” – or so I thought).

First, deadlifts with a bump is super hard!  You kind of run out of space there to reach down (and how did I not predict that?), second, despite taking it super easy, my out-of-shape-ness slapped me on the face this morning when I woke up sore.  From doing that?  Yikes!  One more reason to get back to the gym more often! 

Let’s hope this lack of extreme fatigue will continue for the next 2 months so I’m not a complete blob of jello when this baby girl makes her appearance.

And just for fun, here is a picture from the beginning of my second trimester on the left (I was 14.5 weeks along), when I thought I could see the beginning of a bump (hahahaha) compared to now. 


Depressing to confirm, in pictures, how my butt has gone through an expansion project as well (lack of working out will do that to you, so I’m not surprised, but doesn’t mean I’m not bummed about it).  And considering how curved my back is now, it’s no wonder I’m dealing with lower back pain!

The good news?  It felt good to workout again, so let’s hope this lack of insomnia is here to stay!  (And yes, that might be more blogging because more sleep = more disposition to write!)


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Back to the gym!

For real!  I had two days with no nausea, and I know better than to assume that the nausea phase is finally over, but when I was able to go to the gym not one day, but TWO days in a row (after what, weeks?), I can’t help but be optimistic while my muscles are sore, no?

So yep, worked out the arms yesterday, meaning things like combing my hair today are kind of tricky.  Today, I targeted legs and abs, so tomorrow things like sitting down/getting up will be hard.  Thanks to Michelle for convincing me to go to the gym with her today!  Karl went to work to catch up on things, so I was considering a nap instead…

But it was good to be back!  Very good!  Even though the gym was busy both days (but empty by the time I got done), which almost made me give up (our gym is tiny, and one other person working out is too much, 4 other people?  We were basically on top of each other and it sucked).

I even got a picture to prove it!  Though honestly?  I was trying to get a bump picture, and I’m on that stage where I just look fatter.  I know it shouldn’t bug me, I know this is not the time for vanity, but damn it, I can’t help it.  I still technically have not gained any weight yet (I say technically because I lost 4lbs that first month, and I put them back in the last few weeks, but I am the same as my pre-pregnancy weight), but everything is wider, evidenced by my clothes (and by measurements…).  So I feel fat.  It’s not like I started this whole thing being all skinny and fit, you know?

Needless to say, I am dreading the coming months when I’ll get much bigger before I actually start looking pregnant.  Considering my hips have already expanded (and I already had childbearing hips!!), I can guarantee you I won’t be one of those chicks that don’t look pregnant from the back…

Here’s a before an after for you.  Two pictures from June, the first one before I found out I was pregnant, the second one when I was about 6 or 7 weeks?


And today – two pictures, because I think it’s totally weird how I look like I have a bump in the bottom picture but not on the top.  Look at the difference on the stomach!  So odd!  Who knew I had a fatter side?  How do I only find this out days before my 33rd birthday?


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And my muscles have turned to Jello

Seriously.  You know how last week I worked out, and instead of doing 3 sets of each thing, I only did 1 set of each in order to ease myself back into the gym and not be too sore? 

Yeah, in Shanghai I suffered from DOMS, not only the next day and the following, but for a record of 3 days, when sitting or getting up from a chair was painful, walking up stairs was grueling, and let’s face it, just walking was also not pretty.

And my feet that haven’t bothered me in so long?  Started that achy bruised pain they get after I spend many hours walking around (it still sucks).

This week?  Nausea and fatigue hit me again (I thought this crap would be over by the second trimester?), so all the hard work from last week was wasted when I spent the entire week either taking naps or sitting on the couch.  Next time I hit the gym (soon, please?  I actually feel gross), I will have to start all over again.

And the treadmill has been neglected.  I was so proud of myself for throwing some running back in before we left to the US, and now back to zero.

Here’s hoping life will soon be back to normal.  I miss being myself.  I miss blogging, I miss sharing my vacation pictures, I miss working out, I miss just being normal.

Fingers crossed next week will be it.

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Off to Singapore!

So this week I started to slooowly feel better, so much so, I decided today I’d be going back to the gym.

Last night I couldn’t sleep, threw up at 3am, finally fell asleep well after 4am, was up by 6.  Needless to say, nausea hit me badly today, because pregnancy aside, lack of sleep sucks.

So I took a long nap early afternoon, and though I’ve been up for 2 hours wearing my workout clothes, I haven’t yet made it to the gym.  I don’t feel great, afraid to push it, afraid I waited too long and the tiny gym will be crowded (if there is one other person doing weights there, we’re literally on top of each other), and let’s face it, I haven’t been in a month at this point and not sure I’m ready to face how out of shape I got.  So if I get good sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow, I’m hoping to tackle the weights then.  There’s still time to use my home treadmill today, right?

So you’re wondering what does this all have to do with Singapore?  Well, it doesn’t!  But as Singapore is the “code” for medevac folks in the foreign service stationed in Asia (if someone gets medevac’d to Singapore you can usually assume “pregnant”), it is now my turn to go back.

We were there for New Year’s Eve and took amazing pictures like these…

So even though there will be no fireworks this time, it’s exciting to be back!  Sadly, Karl is on a work trip so he can’t join me, but a friend from Manila is tagging along as she hasn’t been to yet, and why not take advantage of the free hotel?

So Sunday butt early I fly out to the land of no gum, Monday I get my ultrasounds hopefully showing things are ok with the baby (please please please let it all be ok!), then have an extra day to bum around and sightsee. 

I’m dying to eat at Din Tai Fung, one of my favorite places, but totally concerned that my food aversions will kick in (it’s been kind of ridiculous lately), but fingers crossed that my body won’t dare reject the amazing pork soup dumplings at DTF!

I know I keep promising to blog more, but with nausea, not doing anything interesting, lack of workouts, what else is there to say?  But I hit 12 weeks yesterday, and everyone has promised me that now is the time that things start slowly getting better, so here’s hoping!


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