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As I mentioned before, as we are getting ready to leave the Philippines (in 25 days!!!), I was sad that we had never been to Boracay, the most famous beach in the country. Stories of crowds and the partying atmosphere … Continue reading


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A weekend in Shanghai? Sign me up!

Karl has been to Shanghai back on his army days (he was posted in Seoul for 4 years and explored a lot of Asia back then), and it’s always been one of his favorite big cities.  I’ve been wanting to … Continue reading


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Back from Jakarta!

I’m going to be honest…  I wasn’t really looking forward to this trip.  We decided to visit Jakarta so we would have yet another experience of what could possibly be a future posting for us, so might as well knock … Continue reading


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500th Post! And where to next?

Nothing new to add, but this couldn’t have gone unnoticed, right?  It’s officially my 500th post! Amazing to see how much has changed since I started writing here…  I started this blog shortly after running my first half marathon, and … Continue reading


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