Race Reports 2011

MARCH 2011

You can read my full recap of the Shamrock Half Marathon here.

This was my first race of 2011, and my fifth half marathon.  It was hard training for it, because though DC didn’t get hit with snow like it did last year, I started training very late, after taking too many weeks off to heal my plantar fasciitis (MRI showed the arch of my foot “highly inflamed”), and a mysterious hip pain later.  In the process, I put on ten pounds, lost all my endurance and all the speed I had started to gain at the end of last year.

The race was incredibly well organized and we got great schwag (a tech t-shirt, a reusable drawstring bag, a medal that doubled as a bottle opener, a dry-fit finisher hat, a finisher long sleeve t-shirt…).  It was a fun race, with great spectators and friendly runners.  It was my second time running this race, and it’s still one of my favorite races!

Though I finished about 8 minutes slower than my previous half, it was still faster than when I ran this race last year.  I guess it could be worse!


Net Time: 2:31:46
Pace: 11:35 min/mile

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You can read my full National Half Marathon race report here.

Maybe it wasn’t smart running another half a week after I had run my last half marathon, but I couldn’t help it!  I came across a free bib, and I HAD to run another race in DC, since I was leaving the area less than a month later.  I wanted another medal, damn it!

At the end, it was a miserable experience.  I wasn’t feeling too good, my whole body ached, and it was the slowest race I’ve ever ran.  It was just horrible!

To add things up, the race was disorganized, started 10 minutes late, there were no mile markers (WTF?  Seriously?) and after the first couple of miles, the race course got into rolling hills, and it was just boring.  I want scenic things to look at, I usually don’t like just running around residential roads with nothing to see.  At the end, the medal I so wanted wasn’t even that great.  I would run this again just because I feel like I deserve a nicer medal, but the $95 registration fee is totally not worth the trouble though.


Net Time: (Not sure, never recorded it, and I stupidly forgot to stop my Garmin until well after I had crossed the finish line, had stretched and the what not.  It was just SLOW, somewhere between 2:45 and 2:50.)
Pace: Well over the 12 min/mile mark…
APRIL 2011

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