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21 Weeks!

Yep, baby is more than halfway baked!  I went to my ultrasound last week, and baby is measuring fine, heart, lungs and all the other important bits are ok.

And it’s a baby girl! 

I was hoping for a girl, not because I don’t want a boy too, but I have a crapload of nephews, so it’s about time a girl made an appearance in this family, so it’s nice taking the pressure off the next kid.

Most days I don’t look pregnant, just fat (the so called “B belly” – you know, your belly sticks out and it’s the shape of a B instead of a D?), but when I hit the gym on Monday (after ages away) I wore a maternity top from Old Navy, and it actually made it look like I was properly pregnant, even though from the front, I don’t look much different.


I admit some of that was bloat too from eating out on the weekend, because it’s looking much smaller now…

I’ve been hoping to update the blog more often (we planned yet another international trip, woot!), but I was out most of the day on Monday, Tuesday nausea hit me (I thought it was too late for this?), Wednesday my breakfast made a reappearance 5 minutes after I was done with it, so I was also feeling horrible most of the day as well. 

So yeah, as much as I want to write, I never seem to be in the mood to sit down and write anymore!  But got lots to share, so don’t give up on me just yet.

Last night, I started feeling better, and decided to prep and wash all my cloth diapers, so maybe the nesting phase has kicked in early?  (Considering I emptied out some of my closets to separate what goes straight to Brazil and what goes to the US this weekend – a much smaller shipment goes to the US as we’re only there 7 months – maybe I am nesting after all.)

But don’t they look so pretty?  I bought a mixture of Bumgenius 4.0 and Freetime diapers, and the cute prints you see are all the super-cheap-but-well-reviewed Alva Baby:


Needless to say this picture inspired me, and off I went to Alva Baby to buy more girly diapers…  At less than $6 each, you can’t have too many, right?  Ok, so I have a problem.


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