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And I shopped… Uh, I needed souvenirs, right?

So you would think that after being in Asia for a while, I’d be immune to markets and the cheap but amazing stuff they offer.

Yeah, not so much.  After 2 weeks traveling around, Greenhills and Divisoria didn’t even look that exciting to me anymore.

I packed my clothes in my carry-on backpack, and brought an empty carry-on luggage that I checked.  I came back with both full (keep in mind that I have MAJOR packing skills, and all this stuff fit in the bags with room to spare!).

Here are some of the stuff I bought (though I may have forgotten a few…)

You will notice a theme…

Everything on the picture below was bought in Thailand.  Can you tell I like wood carved stuff?  And maybe I just have a slight thing for elephants?


Bottom right bought in Siem Reap, the rest all bought in Thailand.  The top left is actually a little purse (big enough for my wallet + phone).  Too cute to the point of ridiculous.  (But do you think I care about looking ridiculous?)


Can I say I LOVE the oil painting on top that I got in Cambodia?  (Yes, I already framed it AND put it up on my wall!)  The plate on the bottom left is from Vietnam, the wooden lion/dragon from Thailand and the box with coasters from Cambodia.


Yep, the same artist that painted the fisherman picture above, painted the one below.  Couldn’t resist – and it’s also already up on the wall!  The vase and the wooden owl was bought in Thailand, the jewelry box in Vietnam, and the small oil painting in Cambodia.


A lot of things were closed in Vietnam, but I still managed to get the wooden doll, the plate below (a gift from my mom as she bought a few) and the iPho         t-shirt (I thought it was funny!).  The silk elephant table cover I bought in Thailand.


The dresses below?  Super cheap in Bangkok (I do have to lose a tad of weight as the blue dresses are a bit too short on the back to be decent – my barangandan is just too big now…).  The red bag, the Bangkok shirt (duh!) and the turquoise necklace (that I LOVE) are also from Thailand.  The super-soft grey bag I got in Cambodia.


Not shown:  about four new pairs of silver earrings (including one with elephants – I couldn’t help myself) and a silver bracelet.  And a few other things I bet I’m forgetting.

Oh, and did I mention I regretted not buying a couple of things?  I need to go back to Bangkok STAT!  (And before you think I’m just rich and full of money, remember things here cost a fraction of what they cost in the US.  My mom asked me to stop posting prices and ruin the gifts that she bought, so I won’t say a word.  But things were cheap!)


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Bangkok Review!

I know, I know, I’ve been back in Manila for almost a week but I’ve been exhausted, a bit sick, and we had some stressful times here too…  But now I’m ready to finally talk about my trip!  I still have a LOT of pictures to sort through (they must all be posted on facebook, no?), but I’ll get there!


First stop:  Bangkok!  I already posted some different pictures here, so feel free to check them out.


Bangkok is a great city, it reminded me a lot of Manila but better (apologies to my Pinoy friends, but that’s true…).  Food was cheaper than here, there were markets everywhere with clothing and cool home decor (like wood-carved elephants!), all with great-great prices (again cheaper than my beloved Greenhills), there was a lot of traffic, but it was never the bottleneck that we see in Manila.P1000683

The bad:  metered taxis were cheap, but they kept trying to screw with us, by giving a set price (as much as 5x the metered price), by charging per person, etc.  We always refused to accept this, even when the set price was relatively cheap between the four of us, because it’s tourists being ok with it that ruins for all the other tourists/expats.  If you’re patient, you can find a metered cab with no issues (right next to tourist spots is where they try the most to mess with you).


The other bad experience we had was that the supposedly “four star” hotel we stayed in was crap.  (I will be posting a travel review with all the details of what we did + costs.)


We saw all the major sights but by the time we left Bangkok 5 days later, we were all tired of seeing so many temples and Buddhas.  For non-Buddhist like us, it all starts looking the same after a while, even when all the temples are impressive with incredible details.


See my fancy skirt?  If you’re off to look at temples in Thailand, make sure to cover your shoulders, wear pants or a long skirt, or you’ll be stuck buying something off the outside market to prance around in.


I wasn’t the only one who looked ridiculous, no worries!


Bangkok was a really fun city and the food was delicious!  I shopped way more than I expected there (good thing I brought an empty small suitcase!).  I came home with new clothes, new pillowcases (with elephants, of course!), new things for the wall…


We even splurged on a fish spa, something I hadn’t done since we first arrived in Manila, we think it’s fun, and my parents were curious to try it!  They’re everywhere in Khao San Road, so we had to try it!



5 days was plenty in Bangkok – we were able to hit all the sights, do a day trip to Ayutthaya (which I’ll be posting about tomorrow), and even had a “free day” with nothing on our itinerary.  By the weekend, I was eager to arrive in Chiang Mai and do what I was most looking forward to:  spending a day with elephants!


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Hello from Bangkok!

Internet access in our hotel is iffy (and expensive!), so we splurged today, and I figured it’s time for a picture or two.  We’re here for another two days before making our way to Chiang Mai (elephant riding, yay!), and I’m loving it so far!






Ayutthaya – former capital of Siam (Thailand)



I’ll post more updates from Chiang Mai! With pictures of elephants!!!  (Am I being too repetitive?)


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And we’re off!

If all goes according to plan, at this time tomorrow we will be in Bangkok, starting our 2-week long trip!  Bangkok until Monday, then Chiang Mai (OMG the elephants, and yes, I won’t stop talking about it because how can I?), Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh!  Add 3 more countries to the list – woot!

I have a feeling internet connection will be iffy, so it might be quiet around these parts, but I promise I’ll share some pictures when I can, and needless to say I’ll share a crapload of pictures when we get back!


My mom is feeling uneasy about the whole riding elephants thing, but hopefully it will all go well!  (And yes, my parents arrived in Manila ok, and I’ve been busy showing them around for the last few days!)


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