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500th Post! And where to next?

Nothing new to add, but this couldn’t have gone unnoticed, right?  It’s officially my 500th post!

Amazing to see how much has changed since I started writing here…  I started this blog shortly after running my first half marathon, and with plans of running my first marathon.

Now I have 2 marathons under my belt, 5 half-marathons, and have since become a crappy runner, thanks to leaving DC, my ginormous weight gain and all my foot pain (and newly acquired hip joint pain – thanks to all the squats and kicking during Muay Thai – that I haven’t even blogged about, hoping it’ll just go away into oblivion, we know that always is a good plan…).

I don’t expect this to never be a running blog again:  I’ll get back there, I promise!  Deep down, there’s still a love for running here.  And there will be more half marathons and marathons in my future (really hoping for Marine Corps Marathon 2013!)

Since starting this blog I also got engaged, married, got a puppy, and then moved to Manila!

I have also set foot in many new countries and territories…  Dominican Republic, Philippines (and Japan on the way here, but it doesn’t really count if you never left the airport, right?), Hong Kong, Macau, Korea, Taiwan, Guam, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam – with more to come!  (Brunei, Indonesia, Palau and Malaysia are on the itinerary from April to June!)

Hopefully the next 500 posts continue to have lots of fun and exciting moments!

I also have a new goal:  hoping to leave Manila with at least 30 total countries under my belt.  After June, I’ll have 28 countries (and yes, I count territories like Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, since they were all different stamps in the passport and have different immigration procedures than mainland China – like not needing a visa, for example).  So where else should I go to during our last year in Southeast Asia?  It needs to be a place that allows a short trip (less than a week’s vacation, but still seeing a lot during that time), and is not too expensive (in other words, looks like Australia will not be it – tickets there are a fortune, and we forfeited our R&R trip there by choosing to go to the US).

Suggestions?  Tips?  Ideas?  I need them!


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