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New header!

I’m not sure my blog will go through too many changes due to a name change, after all, I was already talking about lots of crap that had nothing to do with running.

But, I had an hour to kill waiting until Karl got home from his first experience playing underwater hockey (yep, underwater), so I figured it’s time to work on a new blog header!

If you haven’t been to my blog in a while, this was how the old header looked like (every picture in this post can be clicked for a larger view):


Here’s a more detailed view of the old header:


So using my awesome skills of Paint (no, totally effing serious, I got Photoshop and don’t know how to use the damn thing, so outdated Paint software it is), the blog now looks like this:

Blog 2

I got rid of the big black title on top (where it used to say I Run, You Run), and the header is a bit more versatile – still a lot of running pictures (I even added one from Manila!), but also some travel pictures, both old and new.

Header Caps

Of course, I have a feeling that the bottom row will get updated a few times as I take new pictures on our travels (HELLOOOO, ELEPHANT RIDE IN CHIANG MAI in less than 3 months!). 


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