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New header!

I’m not sure my blog will go through too many changes due to a name change, after all, I was already talking about lots of crap that had nothing to do with running.

But, I had an hour to kill waiting until Karl got home from his first experience playing underwater hockey (yep, underwater), so I figured it’s time to work on a new blog header!

If you haven’t been to my blog in a while, this was how the old header looked like (every picture in this post can be clicked for a larger view):


Here’s a more detailed view of the old header:


So using my awesome skills of Paint (no, totally effing serious, I got Photoshop and don’t know how to use the damn thing, so outdated Paint software it is), the blog now looks like this:

Blog 2

I got rid of the big black title on top (where it used to say I Run, You Run), and the header is a bit more versatile – still a lot of running pictures (I even added one from Manila!), but also some travel pictures, both old and new.

Header Caps

Of course, I have a feeling that the bottom row will get updated a few times as I take new pictures on our travels (HELLOOOO, ELEPHANT RIDE IN CHIANG MAI in less than 3 months!). 


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Cannot believe I’m posting again today

But I made a decision…

New blog name? 

Carla Runs the World

Thank you everyone who participated!

Jen, shoot me an email at irunyourungroup @ gmail  (still need to update this part) with your address so I can send you a surprise your way (I’m a huge procrastinator, so it might take a few weeks.  Plus, DPO is slow, yeah, let’s blame it on that!).

For those of you who feel like it, update your readers to http://www.carlarunstheworld.com – the old link should still be working for a while though.

Now, is it worth going for a self-hosted blog?  It seems like there’s a lot more flexibility on that, but of course, that means money (though let’s face, I can afford $3.99/month) and a lot of complicated installations.  Anyone has experience with it?  Yay or nay in each of it?

Now let me work on updating a few things around the blog, it might take a while (again, procrastination-queen here), but I should start updating the looks of it to reflect the new title a bit more!


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Two Finalists!

I asked around on Facebook but not everyone who replied actually read this corner of the world.  No one like mine “The World is my Running Path” suggestion, so we’re down to two names.

Thanks everyone who gave great suggestions for blog names!  My favorite blog name/tagline is actually not a finalist, it was my friend Jess’ suggestion of “No Stone Left Unturned” with the tagline “Running over them, swimming under them, no matter where in the word they might be!”  but the domain is not available (or its variation of “nostoneunturned.com”), and I really prefer a .com address, so at the end I decided in two names where there was no tagline needed.  Anyway, please vote on the two finalists:

“Where in the World is Carla?”  (suggested by Christina)


“Carla Runs the World” (suggested by both my friend Frances and Jen, who doesn’t have a blog but is training for her first 10k, so wish her luck!)

People on facebook thought that “Carla Runs the World” was a clear winner, but some also suggested that the second one sounds like a Beyonce song, but apparently I’m out of date with my pop song references, as I have no idea what song that is.  I definitely don’t want to name my blog after a Beyonce song though!  (Nothing against Beyonce, but come on!  As soon as the song gets overplayed, won’t people will look at my blog and roll their eyes?)

With that said, what is your vote?  (And does the second one makes you think of Beyonce?)


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