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Chiang Mai, Thailand: The Markets

One of the things I love about Asia, is all the markets you can go to.  They tend to be fairly different from country to country, offering local food and goods.  I can spend hours in them and not get tired (Karl gets tired after 5 minutes…).

Michelle doesn’t love markets as much as I do, but she was a good sport.  I bought a bunch of new things (how can you resist when it’s all elephant themed?).

Chiang Mai has a night market, a food court that I totally failed to take a picture of (yummy Thai food!), a Saturday market (over a mile long!) and a Sunday one.  We explored them all!


Yep, totally bought some cute aprons…


These little fried quail eggs were amazing!


YouTube MySpace and I’ll Google your Yahoo!  Or let’s go back to MySpace and you can twitter all over my facebook!


Yep, still got the old lady hands…



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