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Bad, bad, feet…

So a couple of weeks ago I mentioned how I was starting the couch to 10k training plan app, and then I haven’t said another word since.

Because my feet?  Are out to kill me.  They hurt with every step, whether it’s first thing in the morning, midday, or on my way to bed at night.  They hurt when standing, when running, when walking, when I’m sitting and decide to move them.

The first time I noticed the pain, it was during our trip to Hong Kong, months and months ago.  The pain only showed up after a whole day of walking/sightseeing, when I had been walking around for about 10 hours.  Now, it shows up even if I spent the day sitting on the couch.

There are no podiatrists in Manila, so I was hoping the orthopedist would at least take x-rays before claiming to be plantar fasciitis – which I had before on my left foot, and it felt different.  It was just a different type of pain…  This pain, goes from my heels to the base of my toes.  It feels like the bottom of my feet are bruised, as if I spend my days jumping up and down on concrete, barefoot.

The right foot is worse, I can actually press on the spot that’s sore.  When I try to run, the pain is unbearable, so I stopped.  And had to stop every single time I tried since.

Sadly, the doctor didn’t ask for an x-ray, spent less than 5 minutes with me (and this was the embassy recommended orthopedist!), claimed to be plantar fasciitis (even after I explained that the pain was on the whole bottom of both feet, that I’ve had PF before and it felt different), said that my arches are too high (which I already know) and prescribed custom insoles.  “Try it for a couple of months, if it doesn’t get better, come back.”

A couple of months???  With unbearable foot pain???  I wanted to cry.

$110 later, I’m picking up my custom insoles on Tuesday and we’ll see if it works.  But I don’t have high expectations for it.  My high arches did fine during a whole season of marathon training, carry me across the finish line of two marathons in 3 weeks, and though I did end up with an inflamed arch at that time, I don’t even run as much as 3 miles/week now, and THAT my feet can’t handle?

It’s very very very frustrating. 

You don’t realize how important your feet really are until you depend on them to do anything like walk the dog to spend a full day sightseeing.

And that is the reason there hasn’t been much running talk here in a while.  I didn’t want to have to write this post – making it public makes it real, you know?  Here’s hoping the insoles are the miracle I’ve been hoping for.


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