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Dive Computer!

Up until now, my only big dive splurge was my new underwater camera with the diving housing.  I have a wetsuit, fins and mask I’m happy with (though my mask is fugly, it’s the only one that keeps water from coming in), but all the other equipment I end up renting.

I’ve been wanting a dive computer for a while, but it wasn’t until renting one in Palau that I really noticed how much cooler your diving experience is (I can control my own safety stops and depth, just that is worth it, no?).  When we went to Siquijor, I kept staring at my bare wrist, and really missed having that information on hand, specially when it was time to complete my log (which reminds me, I officially ran out of pages during this last trip).

So I finally took the plunge, and got myself a new dive computer!  I wanted one that didn’t look too geeky, if I were to wear in between dives, wasn’t too expensive and still had options such as Nitrox in it, and I settled for the Oceanic Geo 2.0, after reading a few positive reviews.


You know you’re in trouble when you actually have to watch a video teaching you how to use it…  Now let’s hope I get to take out this baby for a spin soon! 

I’ve decided that as soon as I start working, I’ll spend part of my salary investing in some of my own scuba gear (I was thinking a travel BCD, since my dives usually involve air travel).  I figured diving in Brazil will probably be quite a fortune, and rental fees even more, so that should allow me to keep up the hobby!


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