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Diving in Apo Island

After diving a couple of days in Siquijor, our dive master really hooked us up, and let us drift dive in Apo Island – we hit 9 dive sites in 3 dives:  the current was STRONG.  I love drift diving, and I think it’s one of my favorite things!

We got to see so much in each of our dives, it was great!

And when I say our dive master really hooked us up – he did!  We jumped off a big boat…


But got picked up by a little boat…  We didn’t even have room for our legs inside the boat, and we kept getting hit with waves – I think it was the most fun I’ve had on a boat in between dives, second only to our dolphin encounter…  Seriously, how can you not love this?


And the view wasn’t bad either…


And we had lunch (great food!) on the beach, of course!


But back to the diving…


The coral garden there was spectacular.  Amazing soft coral!  The best we’ve seen by far!


Crown of thorns, eek!



The sad destruction from the typhoon last year…  A huge stretch like this towards the end of our dive.  Luckily, it only hit one end of the island, but this whole thing was beautiful coral gardens before too.






Beautiful, no?


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Dive Computer!

Up until now, my only big dive splurge was my new underwater camera with the diving housing.  I have a wetsuit, fins and mask I’m happy with (though my mask is fugly, it’s the only one that keeps water from coming in), but all the other equipment I end up renting.

I’ve been wanting a dive computer for a while, but it wasn’t until renting one in Palau that I really noticed how much cooler your diving experience is (I can control my own safety stops and depth, just that is worth it, no?).  When we went to Siquijor, I kept staring at my bare wrist, and really missed having that information on hand, specially when it was time to complete my log (which reminds me, I officially ran out of pages during this last trip).

So I finally took the plunge, and got myself a new dive computer!  I wanted one that didn’t look too geeky, if I were to wear in between dives, wasn’t too expensive and still had options such as Nitrox in it, and I settled for the Oceanic Geo 2.0, after reading a few positive reviews.


You know you’re in trouble when you actually have to watch a video teaching you how to use it…  Now let’s hope I get to take out this baby for a spin soon! 

I’ve decided that as soon as I start working, I’ll spend part of my salary investing in some of my own scuba gear (I was thinking a travel BCD, since my dives usually involve air travel).  I figured diving in Brazil will probably be quite a fortune, and rental fees even more, so that should allow me to keep up the hobby!


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Diving in Siquijor!

Diving in Siquijor was not nearly as exciting as diving in Palau – instead of looking out for big stuff like sharks, we were back at searching for nudibranch and looking at pretty (albeit VERY pretty) coral.

As always, I took a buttload of pictures during our 3 dives in Siquijor Island, so though I won’t be able to share them all, I’ll share my favorites spread through a couple of posts.



Frog fish are so weird looking.  Can you see them?  There are two in the picture, a brown on top and a black one on the bottom of the frame (I had only seen white ones before).


See the little head sticking out below?


The leaf looking thing below?  Not a plant/coral.  It’s actually a fish!  (And I wish I remember what type, but I suck at these things…)P1040102P1040107P1040112P1040118

Am I the only one that looks at these type of corals and think “brain?”



A pale nemo…


Purple fish!  (Not their real name, obvs…)


A sea moth!


A sole!  Can you tell the contour of it against the sand?


The little glass shrimp.  It’s so hard to take a picture of them, but I think I finally succeeded!  There’s a bunch of them against the anemone below.


Another fish whose name I forgot (seriously, if anyone reading this knows better, help me out!).


This clam kept sticking those little legs in and out.


A pipefish!


This sea star shrimp is tiny – smaller than my nail!


Fish hiding under our boat.


All these pictures were taken from our first dive in Siquijor, right in front of the CocoGrove Resort.  It was our first 80 minute dive (and not the last one after this trip either!). We had another two dives that day a bit further away, and I’ll share those pictures later.  Our favorite dives of the trip, in Apo Island, is coming as well!


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Palau: The Last of Diving

I’m still trying to put my videos together (anyone can recommend a good software to merge videos?  I’ve been trying Format Factory but with a lot of mixed results).

I posted pictures of sharks, turtles and manta rays, but we also saw a lot of cool fish and other stuff while diving.  The huge Napoleon Wrasse was my favorite!  (And the friendliest of fish, it came so close!)


Getting cleaned up!


Pucker up!


Crocodile Fish!


Unicorn fish!


Cuttlefish!  Can you see it?


Feather Star Fish – they’re everywhere here in the Philippines, see the little legs?


What IS this thing?


How about this metal looking thing?


Triggerfish!  It looks like it’s passing out – it’s just a trick…


You get too close and it attacks!  (Luckily I moved out of the way before it bit me.)


That’s me below!


Me again with some giant clams – see them to my right?


Diving in Palau was spectacular!  On most dives we had over 100 feet visibility (I think the worst visibility was at German Channel to see the manta rays because of the sandy bottom, but that was still at least 50ft or so visibility).

If you ever have a chance to go to Palau (even if you don’t dive), make sure to jump at the opportunity.  It’s a beautiful country and one of my favorite trips!  We did a road trip on the main island on the last day as well, and I’ll definitely share those pictures soon!


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