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Palau: I’m on a boat!

We spent countless hours on a boat in Palau, and I took a ton of pictures of the scenery – they deserve their own post!  Nothing like showing the true beauty of the many islands of Palau, by showing off all the amazing different shades of blue of the water… 

(Speaking of water, some of the pictures have splashes of water on the lenses.  It comes with the territory when diving, and when the boat itself splashes water on you.  Don’t let those drops of water distract you!)

Everything is in order taken, except the first two, as I couldn’t resist showcasing the dolphins first! (And yes, I have video of them too!)


I’m the one diving off the boat above, and Karl is the one entering the water for one of our dives in the last picture.

Palau was incredible.  Many many more pictures to come!  Of dives, of beaches, of our “road trip” around the country (we hit all 9 states in the main island on the last day – woot!)


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