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Treadmill Group Run!

I crack myself up…

Due to the lack of running friends, I have to resort to this…


But you know what?  It was a good way to fake it.  Again, it helped keep me distracted while I jogged on the treadmill.  I put my music loud (what’s with me and repeating a song over and over during a run?  Does anyone else do that?  Today, it was Pitbull “Give me Everything”).

The run went fine.  Since the doctor told me not to run on elevation because of my hip (the incline does aggravate it), I kept it at 0% but after one mile, changed the speed to a 11:45 pace (still SUCKS that I have to run 3 miles that slow!).

And I also pulled these babies out of the closet after owning them for months and ran the first mile with them.


I definitely noticed I take shorter strides with them, but wasn’t able to mimic the strides when I put on regular shoes.  Hoping that will change with practice.


The trail group run was pretty nice, different enough from the last one to keep it interesting, since there was always a group in front of me, I was never leading, and this was a lot more trees around then just open air space like the last video.


And they weren’t kidding with the group – for most of the run there were about 30 people there!  (Blurriness is thanks to running while shooting pics.  Glare is from the flash.)


And crap, this is a real trail – imagine having to crouch under a rock on a creek in the middle of your run?  (I admit I paused the treadmill to take this one!)


This segment was only 25 minutes long, but it jumped straight to the next one.  Since I didn’t want to do a different scenery this time, I just started the same thing over.


The only thing I didn’t like was that it wasn’t a continuous run.  It was many different group runs, on different days.  A few minutes on each run, it would jump from one to the next.  But after a while I got used to it.  Still better than staring at a black screen!


Loser with no friends to run with:


I finished the run again sprinting at the last tenth of a mile, this time at a 6:30 pace (9.2 setting on the treadmill), and I didn’t feel like dying, so next time I might try it to do it for the last 0.15 of the run.  (This probably also means that I could up the speed on the treadmill in general, but I’m still in the process of easing myself back into running, so it’ll be 11:45 pace for a while…)

Once I hit 3 miles, I cooled down slowly for the last tenth of a mile before hopping off.  I never cool off on outdoor runs, but I guess walking to the car is enough!  (The 14 elevation gain is because I forgot to change it to 0% early in the run.)


So I got 7.75 miles in this week – my largest weekly mileage since April (how sad is that?  Less than 8 miles for the week became a big deal?). My longest weekly mileage this year was 20 miles (back in February), so here’s hoping I can get back to that in a couple of months!


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Treadmill Trail Run!

WTF, right?  How can I do a treadmill trail run?

Well, because I realized that for running on the treadmill, music keeps me going more than TV (the TV makes me want to walk, not run).  The one problem is that I run with music staring at a black TV screen.  No fun, right?  If we had blackout curtains, I would totally turn all the lights off and just run in the dark, but sadly, that’s not an option.

So after lots of poking around on Amazon, I dropped way more than I ever had on a single DVD and bought a running DVD.

Yesterday, dealing with yet another full day of this…


…I figured it was time to give the newly arrived DVD a try!

And you know what?  It helped.  Because while listening to music (this run’s keep-putting-on-repeat song was Soul Asylum’s “Runaway Train” go figure), I was instead staring at this…


And this… (blurriness to do with the fact I took this while running – just imagine the non-blurry image on the screen instead!)



I’ll do a full review of the DVD later, once I have tried the other runs (snow, marathon, trail, beach, etc…).  Right now my first thoughts is that it’s awesome to look at this instead of a black screen, it certainly distracted me.  Some times I would be leading the run, sometimes following a runner.  It fit both my slow pace, as well as my sprinting pace at the end. 

The stuff that annoyed me?  The random words on the screen every few minutes “play” “breathe” “believe” UGH!  I’m trying to distract myself in the views, stop giving me yet another reminder it’s all fake.  But the most annoying part was that at some point, the runner who was filming would put the camera on him every two minutes.  I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOUR SWEATY FACE WHEN I’M TRYING TO FORGET ABOUT MINE!  Plus, then it’s the feeling of me running backwards, which is odd.

Also, it doesn’t tell me how long each “run” is for.  When I was ready to sprint on my last tenth of a mile, the word “calm” jumped on the screen and the chick started walking. Then they filmed the moon for what seemed like forever.  (So I had to rewind part of it so I could continue running.)  So obviously the run was less than my planned run, so it would be nice to know that ahead of time.

But all in all?  Still better than staring a black screen.  And if anyone knows of other similar DVDs that you have tried, please let me know!

I ended up running 3 miles at a 12 min/mile pace, sprinting at a 6:40 pace on the last tenth of a mile (for you treadmill users, that’s the “9” setting).  First and last miles at a 0.5 incline, but during the middle mile I was starting to doubt I could do this and changed it to a 0 incline, putting it back up for the last mile.

I finished it with a very slow cool down walk for the last tenth of a mile. 


Will I ever be able to run a 10 miler on a treadmill?  Probably not.  But if I keep doing 3 miles here and there, I’ll be happy.


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