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And that was EASY


It’s been a while since I hopped on the treadmill and had an easy run.  Specially since coming back from Korea, where I got a nasty cold, I hadn’t done much in terms of running. 

Yes, I did try a few times last week, but was succumbed to walking after the first mile, and though I still managed to do a good 2-mile run out of the 3 total miles, it was not pretty.  NOT pretty.

Today, I hopped on, hoping to run the whole thing, but already used to the idea that I’m in even worse shape than I was a month ago.  I set the incline to 0.5 (my other runs I had put it at 1%, which could be the reason for me failing badly), and set the speed at a super-easy 5.1 (11:43 pace or so). 

My plan was to leave this run still knowing I could have done more.  I promised myself that I wouldn’t even sprint at the end (I usually do some 7:30 pace sprints so I can finish faster, but they also leave me completely dead at the end).

Last week, I started all the runs ambitious with an 11 min/mile pace, then by the time I reduced it to a 12 min/mile, no incline, it was already too late.  (I refuse to run below a 12 min/mile on the treadmill – I don’t want to be slower than my slowest pace ever!)  It’s hard to admit that I’m back in no-running shape again, but I can either beat myself over it, or move on and keep on running. 

Surprisingly, with the music pumping in my ears I had a good enjoyable run (yes, the treadmill is growing on me, who would’ve thought?).  It can even be called a *gasp* easy run.

Yes, I was still bored out of my mind by the time the 3 mile mark was approaching.  But I could have kept going.  I stopped at 3 – not only I had plans with a friend, but I also wanted it to stop while it was still good (you know, like Seinfeld). 

I wanted to remember this “feel good” moment so that tomorrow, I will jump right back up again! 

And I’m already looking forward to it…


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