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Remember that job?

That I interviewed for ages ago?

So I had already given up on it, and then last night I got this on my inbox…

Congratulations.  Attached is a conditional offer of employment for the Consular Biometrics Facilitator (part time) position.

So I got it.  And after a loooong talk with Karl  with him reminding me how miserable I was at my last job and do I really want to risk being that miserable again, and me reminding him that it’s not the same job or even work schedule, so nothing says I would be just as miserable, and maybe the extra money is good?  Even if we don’t need it, savings have never hurt?  And if do end up miserable, I’m no longer attached to a work-visa, so I can just quit if it doesn’t work out?

The salary, even when based on a full-time schedule, is a lot less than what I used to get before, but again, this is a job not a place where I would have any career prospects, so it’s understandable that it wouldn’t be anything great.  And it’s a job created for spouses, so they also know there’s no rent to pay, or health benefits to worry about.  In our case, it’s basically extra spending savings money.

But I still hesitated…  I am finally settled in a routine, I love going to Muay Thai 3 times a week, I love hanging at the pool afterwards on sunny days as my reward, I love sleeping in until 9am, I love that I’m finally getting back into shape and that I’m starting to lose some of the weight I packed on this last year, and I love that when I have guests I’m all free to go frolicking around town (or SE Asia) during their visits.

But the extra cash, even if it’s not much, does add up, doesn’t it?  And I would still make it to some Muay Thai classes, even if I will end up missing most of them.

On facebook it was an unanimous decision:  GO FOR IT!  (Apparently everyone likes extra cash.)

So tomorrow, I’m signing that acceptance letter and sending it back to the embassy.  Guess I better start taking those high heels out of retirement.  Flip-flops:  it has been fun!  I’ll still see you on nights and weekends!

(Of course, this being an embassy job it can take weeks, maybe months, until I get my security clearance.  So I still have a few more weeks – months? – to enjoy this life of a bum that I so easily adapted to.)


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And… We have an interview!

Hives and all!

At the end of last year I was for certain going to apply for a part-time Embassy job as an events planner, including travel-planning.  I’ve traveled so much in the last year, I’m a bit of an expert in this, no? 

But…  Those Embassy trips tend to come out to twice as much as what we pay.  Sometimes, 3 times as much.  And as an event planner, you’re required to go, and pay your own way.  Soooo…  Yeah.  Why go back to work if all my salary is going to go towards expensive trips when I know I can do the same trip for a lot cheaper?  But I was still going to apply for it.

Timing wasn’t on my side though, as the job first opened when I wasn’t yet an American Citizen (which is a requirement for spouse employment), but they didn’t find a person for it, so it happened to reopen again right when my parents arrived in town.  And then we left for 2 weeks for our trip around SE Asia, and the job closed.  I had no time to fill out forms, didn’t get a chance to apply (specially since I got sick right after coming back from our trip), but I didn’t beat myself up about it, since you know, that whole “need to pay for expensive travel as part of the job” thing.

Then another part-time position opened at the Embassy – the job is not nearly as interesting as an event planner (which was right up my alley), and it’s more of a routine work, nothing too exciting.  But, the schedule sounds perfect and doesn’t require travel, which means I can continue on planning my own travels with Karl (woot!).

The interview is on Thursday.  I’m ok if I get it, and I’m ok if I don’t.  I admit I got used to this not-having-to-work-thing…  But the extra cash will help — even though it’ll be a LOT lower than I used to get at the IMF, specially since it’s part-time — but all that travel we’ve been doing means no savings aside from retirement, but savings never hurt, right?

So, wish me luck:  that whatever happens is for the best (whether that’s getting the job or not).


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Swimming with Whale Sharks!

YES!  Tomorrow, we’re off to Donsol to swim with these guys:


See that little scuba diver out there?  That’s how big whale sharks (or “butandings” as they’re called here in the Philippines) are!

Sadly for us (but good for them), they’re protected so we can’t actually scuba dive with them, but we get to snorkel while swimming a few feet from them, which may be terrifying enough (just kidding, I’m super-duper excited actually!).

Other things that happened around these parts this week?

We got our bidlist for our next post, but due to timing of when we leave Manila, and when language classes are available, we can technically only bid in one post (only one “perfect” bid), but the rules are that we must bid in 30 (with a maximum of 8 “imperfect” – meaning timing is off by a month), so we’ll see how that goes. 

On facebook people are telling me I should be grateful for options, but they are ignoring the fact that if timing doesn’t work, it is NOT an option (timing is NOT determined by us or by our preferences, but solely by the State Department – Karl MUST take language classes prior to the next post, but those classes are only offered at certain times of year, which don’t coincide with when we leave Manila). 

The good news?  A couple of the “imperfect bids” are in Brazil (pleasepleasepleaseplease let us have that, I miss my country and family so much it hurts).  The bad news?  Lots of the “imperfect bids” are Mexico border posts which, safety aside, to me it doesn’t really translate to “exciting life overseas.”  (I think if you can drive to the US and back on the same day, with no need to rush, you’re not really much overseas, are you?)  It would definitely be a change compared to Manila, that’s for sure!

And lastly…  I officially applied for a job at the embassy today.  Nothing too exciting or high paying (specially since it’s part time), but it’s only 2-3 days a week, so I thought, why not?  We can use the extra cash, since all these trips we’ve been taking = no savings.  Whether I’ll get the job is a whole other story…  Plus I need to get a secret clearance, and that can take ages, so I might be back in DC when it finally comes through.  But at least I’m trying!


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