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It must be bidding time again…

Because my post of the 5 Pros and Cons of Living in Manila is getting the most hits this week.  And it’s funny when I read it now, damn, I was in a bad mood after flying into NAIA 1 and dealing with those crowds! 

And yes, the thought of having to go there again in May with all our luggage, a dog, a cat, a newborn and separate screening lines for male/female meaning definitely not enough hands for either of us to get through security properly does make me cringe.  I’m already dreading it, we have had many many many talks about it, and it’s still over 4 months away.

But if you’re bidding and want to know more about Manila, don’t forget to check out my post of What Makes Me Happy in Manila.  Not only I was in a much better mood, but let’s face it, there are a lot of good (great!) things about this place, even if sometimes traffic, jeepneys, pollution, and horrible arrivals/departures at NAIA makes us forget (and yes, I too am guilty of often forgetting how a wonderful experience living here has been).

I can’t wait to go to DC, see my friends again, go back to running my favorite trails, be able to take my dog on walks without kids running away screaming as if I’m walking a hyena.  But I also know our time in Asia will always hold a special place in my heart.  And though I hope we won’t get posted in Manila again (because we get to experience life in so few places, I rather not repeat!), I do hope we will live in Asia again, as I love this part of the world.

And if any of you bidders have any questions on Manila, really feel free to send me a note and I’ll get back to you – my contact info is right on the sidebar!  I have had many people emailing me through the blog, and have never not replied within a couple of days (if not a couple of hours!).


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And we all mourn today

601564_10152117432200722_804801702_nFor the lives of the Ambassador Chris Stevens and the four other diplomats (all names not yet released) lost in Libya today, due to an act of hatred against Americans.

I truly have no words, but it really hit home today, as we all call ourselves one big family, and for the first time today, I felt that.  We are far away from the events, but it could have been Karl there.  And though it wasn’t Karl, some other foreign service families are now mourning the loss of a loved one.

You can read President Obama’s statement, or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s one about the attack in Libya.

I wrote earlier this month about the sacrifices that come with this lifestyle, I just wish we all weren’t reminded of it so soon, and to such an extent.


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6 months or 25% of our time here

6 months ago today, we landed in Manila, Philippines, to start this new and exciting phase of our lives.

Since arriving, we have taken many trips, had one pet emergency, hired both a maid and a driver (crazy!), visited new countries, hosted one guest (2 more to come in the next month), got our diving certification and got 21 dives in, made new friends, lost friends, and made our place a home.

Can you believe that we’re a quarter of the way into our time in Manila?  Sure, we only leave in April 2013, which sounds SO far away, but 6 months already went by fast, my guess is the next 1.5 years will do just the same.

In honor of our time here, I’m giving you a much delayed house tour video!  I think it gives a better idea of our apartment much better than pictures (which can be seen here, here, here and here).

A few things you’ll notice in this video:  I didn’t put things away to shoot the video (it was more of “I’m alone with 10 minutes to kill, let me do this now”), I’m not wearing makeup, and though I would like to apologize for not doing so, I wear makeup once every week or two (yes, even back when I worked), so yeah, that’s how I usually look like.  Keeping it real! 

At least I washed my hair, so there’s that.  I’m very awkward in front of a camera (and to think I wanted to be an actress on my teen years!), and…  My accent is out in full-glory.  It’s not always out, but get me drunk, angry, or talking in front of a camera and I’ll be talking: 1) fast and 2) with a lot of accent (I’m from Brazil, after all, though I don’t have the usual Brazilian accent, probably because I became fluent in English when I was 5 years old).

Without further delay… (Sadly youtube cuts the quality a lot when I upload it…)

Home Tour

5 months after moving into our place after spending a month in temporary housing, I still I LOVE our apartment!


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