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Guest Posting Today!

I know, look how fancy I am posting at another blog and all, huh?

Mandy, an expat living in Spain is currently frolicking on vacation in Africa (I just noticed I’ve been using “frolicking” a lot lately, huh), and asked a bunch of different bloggers to talk about their vacations/trips.  She picked me as one of the guest bloggers, so I wrote a little bit of what we’ve done in the year since we arrived.  If you’re a new reader and missed a lot of my travel posts, or been reading a while and want to look at pretty vacation pictures, check my post on her blog!  (And if you want to see lots of pretty pictures, videos and information on traveling in Europe, Mandy got you covered!)

On another note, this month marks the 10 year anniversary of my college graduation.  You can call me an old fart.

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