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So yeah, that’s some new spam…

You know what the problem of posting about breaking out in hives in your blog?

All of a sudden, it’s bringing all sorts of new spam to my posts.  Luckily, wordpress is great about catching spam, but I’m tired of deleting yet another spam comment on how to treat herpes and HPV…

Considering my spam folder usually sounds like this:

“I can currently have aspect of thanking users for almost any specialist tips I actually have in all probability favored tests your blog. Were awaiting the kind of school concerning such university or college look at therefore the detailed foot placement won’t could be full although it is not possessing originating to your site your blog site web page. Commonly easily may be from your enable you to several, Thanks to make of what I have got gained knowledge out of this level.”

or this…

“hey there!,I like your creating so much! reveal most of us converse much more about your posting in America online? My partner and i demand a specialist with this place to solve my trouble. Perhaps that’s you! Awaiting watch you.”

or even short and sweet like this…

“There’s noticeably a bundle to understand this. I presume you have got created specific nice points in characteristics also.”

The whole herpes talk that my spam folder is attracting is quite a change…  (But at least they’re consistent in still posting with really horrible English – or should I say Engrish?)

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Updates (without actually updating anything, really)

So after writing a post about how I rarely wear makeup, I, of course, put on makeup today.  Ha!


I even put on a suit!  And considering I haven’t been able to get those 20 pounds off, it was very very very uncomfortable, despite my smile for the camera.  (On the bright side, after writing that post in July, those 20 extra pounds quickly became 28 extra pounds, but we’re back at only 20 pounds extra now…  Yay, muay thai!)

So, my go-to suit did not fit (unless I had no plans on sitting or breathing the rest of the afternoon), so I went with a back up, and mismatched my gray skirt/black jacket, but whatever.  I can still pull off a suit!

The interview?  Went fine.  It was short, but it’s not like it’s brain surgery that I’m applying for, so what can they really ask?  So I have no idea if I’ll get picked or not, but then again, if I don’t, I’m not desperate to work, nor are we hurting for money, so it’s ok.  My ego will certainly be bruised, but I’ll get over it!  Whatever happens, is for the best, and that’s my motto right now!

Last night, we also finally (FINALLY!) heard back from DC, after 1.5 weeks of anxious waiting to hear whether our bidlist, where we were super creative with in order to even have any bids, was valid, and if can it be sent for final review.  And…

It’s valid!  And it’ll be final, which is good, as I’m happy going to about 24 of the 30 bids (and the other 6 are not so bad either).

After that, it’s another 2-3 weeks anxiously waiting the results of our next post.  It’ll be odd spending another year in Manila, already knowing where we will move to next, but the deadline will also make us start to appreciate even more all the good things here (like cheap travel! Closeness to other countries!  Two things we already know for sure the future post won’t provide).

Lastly, the hives are mostly gone!  Still have no idea what caused it, but this is the quickest they have disappeared, so I’ll take it!

Oh, and since I’m still super-addicted to my iphone, here is one of my favorite recent pictures:


(And editing everything with Camera+ on the iphone!  I love the picture effects they have!)


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They’re back. 

Again, for no reason. 3rd time in the last year and a half.  And yes, I continue to be allergic to nothing.

This sucks.


Those red patches?  Lots of tiny bumps, blistery, itchy like hell AND are everywhere (except my face, thankfully…).

So apparently idiopathic urticaria is a thing.

Fun times.


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