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The Hunger Games was AWESOME!

Edited to add:  Though I can’t imagine there are people that still haven’t read the book, I was asked to warn of  spoiler alerts.  If you have read the book, you carry on reading with no worries.

The Hunger Games opened Wednesday here in the Philippines, but since the first showing was pretty late, we finally caught it tonight — yep, it’s Thursday night here in Manila!   (I gotta say that it was pretty cool that the movie opened here before it did in the US.  That’s a first, as far as I know!)

You know when you read a book that you love and how you have high high high expectations when the movie comes out?

And you know how you usually leave the theater a tad disappointed?  Story lines that changed, things that were not how you visualized it, and so on?

Well, this was not the case here:  the whole movie was amazing!  When Katniss is about to enter her pod to be sent off to the games?  She was shaking – and my heart was in my mouth, even though I knew what was going to happen!  I really liked how the movie got me nervous, excited and emotional, just like the book did.  Though I knew the plot, the message didn’t get lost on me, as it was a pretty faithful rendition of the book.  (And yes, just like when I read the book, I was also in tears when Rue died.)

The one odd thing about watching the movie here in Manila?  Filipinos find humor at the oddest times.  For example, when Katniss first kisses Peeta, and we see a shot of Gale incredibly hurt and brokenhearted while witnessing the moment on the TV screen, that was apparently hilarious as the WHOLE THEATER BROKE OUT IN LAUGHTER.  So many times during the movie people were giggling and laughing at the weirdest scenes, even when there was death involved.  It makes one wonder if they were understanding the plot, or if they really find it funny when someone gets hurt?  They can’t be that insensitive, can they?  Is this just how they deal with uncomfortable situations, with a strong laughter, giggles and a chuckle?  (Pinoy friends, please feel free to chime in!)

I wanted to shout “THIS IS NOT A COMEDY!” – and come on, I admit that I giggled my way through the couple of Twilight movies I watched, but I was at home, so I was not disturbing actual fans, and the movies were pretty cheesy (while the Hunger Games doesn’t have a cheesy story line).  I would think people watching the Hunger Games the day after it opens on a sold out showing are people that have read the book.  (But maybe they also thought the book was a comedy?  Who knows.)

Have you seen the movie?  What did you think?


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