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The reason I haven’t posted all this week, is that my long run on Saturday was a big FAIL.

From the beginning, I just wasn’t feeling it…  My legs felt like lead, I was running even slower than usual, something just was off.  I was moody, I just didn’t feel like running.  But I pushed through.  I was meant to run 2 hours and 20 minutes, and after running over 2 hours last weekend, I knew I could do it.

Not so much.

The front of my right foot started throbbing.  I had felt a bit of pain there in the last couple of weeks, but nothing I couldn’t run through.  This time, it was unbearable, I had to stop.  Exactly a year ago, while training for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, I had the same issue.  I got new super-wide shoes, and that went away — but then of course, I started getting the pain on my heel, and ditched the shoes at the end of last year.

It had never prevented me from running though.  This time it was so bad, I had to tell Karl to ditch me and run back to the car, while I limped to the nearest street from the trail and waited for him to pick me up.

I only ran 7.7 miles, and that included walking breaks because of the pain…

I researched online and can’t seem to find the cause for it, the one that most describes what I’m feeling is called “hallux limitus” (a premature wearing down and tearing of the cartilage in the 1st mettarso-phalangeal joint) — and though I don’t have any limited mobility on my big toe, the pain I’m feeling is exactly on that joint.

Definitely not great news for someone who still has 3 half-marathons, two 10 milers, and one marathon to go this year, is it?  Not even counting the stuff I haven’t signed up for yet!

This is another reason for me to try to move on to the Five Fingers shoes, but after a 20 minute run with them this week, my calves are screaming bloody murder — it’ll be a while until I’m just running in them.  In the meantime, does anyone know anything I can try?  I was able to dig out my old shoes out of the closet, but seeing I had internal bleeding on my heel because of them, it’s not the most exciting option either.


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Born To Run

I had heard SO many people talking about this book.  A lot of people who now also wear the Vibram Five Fingers, recommend “Born to Run” and I finally sucked it up and bought it.

I haven’t finished the book yet, but read enough to say that it’s very interesting.  I was already interested in the barefoot movement, if only because of my own running injuries (seriously, internal bleeding on my heel when I’m wearing cushy shoes?  That’s NOT normal).

Here are the interesting tidbits I’ve found out since I’ve been reading it…

-They mention how the foot is a piece of perfect engineering:  it has 26 bones, 33 joints and 18 muscles (I knew about the bones and joints, but had no idea the foot had that many muscles!)

-The founder of Nike (until then, shoes had no cushions), designed the first Nike shoe in a way that people would change their strike into a heel strike.  He looked at people running and realized that if they heel striked, they would have longer strides, and then not only they could get faster, they would take less strides making a long run less tiring (this is all in theory).  So it’s no surprise that most people change their stride to a heel-strike as soon as they put shoes on.

-The human foot searches for stability, so in cushioned shoes people automatically strike harder (there has been studies on this).  Basically, they strike harder to go beyond the cushion and get to the harder surface for stability.  The author also compares wearing cushioned shoes to covering an egg with a potholder then hitting it with the hammer — the end result (the destruction of the egg) is the same.

Unfortunately, I don’t yet have the waterproof Five Finger Flows (and it’s not expected to ship until March — boohoo), so I haven’t been able to wear my Five Fingers with all the snow we’ve been getting here in DC (last year we had ONE snow day, of a couple of inches.  Last night was our third snow storm this season, more to come on Friday.  FML).  It seems like it’ll be a while until I can wear them full-time, which sucks, as I love how light they feel when I run with them.

Have you read Born to Run?  What did you think of it?

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The Toenail

Most of my running buddies have lost a toenail or two.  Or at the very least, had a bruised toenail to show for the miles they’ve ran.

Of course, as a runner, you’re conflicted by this.  In one way, you don’t like being the only one who has their toenails intact — what does that say about you being a real runner?  On the other side, have you seen toes with missing toenails?  YUCK.  And I’m a sandal and flip-flop lover.  That would not work.

While training for the Rock n Roll Half last September, the toenail on my left big toe would throb and be sensitive to the touch.  Of course, having painted toenails you really can’t tell what’s going on.  Being the lazy type that does my pedicure at home and sometimes just buff the toenail before putting a new coat on instead of removing all the old polish from it, I never really did find out.

That is, until I moved, couldn’t find my old nail polish, and going for a completely different shade, was forced to completely remove the old stuff.

I then found out that almost half of my toenail was no longer attached to the base.  Hot, I know.  I promptly showed it to Karl, of course, as to prove that when I complained of pain it wasn’t just being dramatic.

The toenail is still there — it seems that had my training lasted a couple of more weeks, the toenail would have been gone.  But the throbbing pain is back.  Not when I run, though I haven’t been running that much to confirm, but when I wake up.  It’s to the point that it limits the shoes I can wear to work in the morning.

It doesn’t look like this toenail is falling out anytime soon (and I sure hope it doesn’t fall out!).  By why does it hurt so much?

(And yes, I cannot believe I wrote a whole post about my toenail.)


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