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DecalGirl Review!

I already mentioned how I changed the screensaver of the kindle, but yesterday I finally got my kindle skin from DecalGirl!  Yay!

Here’s how my kindle looks like now…


Soooo pretty, no?  I love it!  It turned out great, and the quality of the skin is perfect, so slick!

I also bought a skin for my Toshiba Thrive (I’m still learning how to use my Thrive – it’s an android based tablet, so a steeper learning curve, but woot had a great deal, I couldn’t pass up!).


Looks pretty sweet instead of just a black cover!  And here’s with the customized screen saver…


And lastly, my iphone…  Yep, I used the same picture as the one from the kindle.  I love the back of it, but still getting used to the front, a bit too dark compared to the usual white.  I might remove it and just keep the back instead, because the back?  Looks great, specially with my black bumper!  (I took the iPhone picture with my Thrive, while I took all others with the iPhone – there’s no doubt the iPhone takes better quality pictures…)


I bought the glossy print for everything, and am really happy with my decision!  The colors are vibrant and it all looks and feels slick!  I was surprised at how easy it was to apply, it really doesn’t stick until you press on it, so you can adjust it quite well.  And they promised no bubbles and it was true to the promise – no bubbles on anything!

If you ever seen the Toshiba Thrive in person, you know it has a textured back, and it applied perfectly to the back, I really wasn’t expecting it to work.

The only thing I had issues with was the front of the iPhone.  I have a full screen protector, and based on their customer service I had to apply the skin on top of the screen protector – and it stuck to it pretty well, so it was harder to adjust, and there’s a couple of spots that could look better but I couldn’t fix without removing the whole thing (I’ll probably need a new screen protector  if I do remove the front skin, as it’s pretty stuck on there).

If you want a quick way to personalize your gadgets, I definitely recommend DecalGirl!

And if you’re wondering, I bought everything with my own moolah – no freebies on this review, but I like it so much I thought I share if you were ever considering it.  Now I’m thinking of buying one for my laptop too, but since it’s having issues, I’m not sure I want to invest in it anymore…  Our netbook might be the next victim, however!


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Even though pretty much all my friends in DC had an iPhone, I didn’t want to buy something I couldn’t live without.  When you don’t know what country you’ll live in next, the last thing you want is to invest in something that might be useless at the next stop.  Plus, when I left the US, the iPhone was still an AT&T thing only, and I wasn’t about to leave Verizon for them. 

But…  But…  Lately I started to get iPhone envy…  And my Nokia C3 that doesn’t do anything aside from calling, texting and taking marginal pictures, started freezing and shutting itself off – even had the nerve of deleting all of Lily’s puppy pictures from my micro SD card in one of those fits.

Then in El Nido I realized that an iPhone would be SO convenient to check email/blog when I was traveling and had wifi but didn’t want to carry my netbook around (since when you’re traveling around with your backpack, even a netbook is too heavy, so we often leave it at home).

I hadn’t been shopping lately and had a bit of money, then Karl threw some money in the iPhone fund as my Christmas gift.  Perfect!

After a LOT of research, turns out the cheapest place to buy an unlocked iPhone was from the US Apple website itself.  Of course, they won’t ship it DPO (really Apple?), and I even tried getting them to ship to Guam (it let me until the very last checkout page when suddenly my zipcode is invalid – you’re a tease Apple!).  So I had to suck it up, pay for the taxes (remember, DPO is not a state, therefore we’re sales tax-free) and had it shipped to Michelle, who is visiting family in VA.

The iPhone has already arrived!  The one caveat?  Michelle doesn’t get back until mid-January, and I’ll be prancing around Southeast Asia with my parents then – I won’t get that phone until January 24th, a whole month and a half after I ordered it!  (The joys of living far away…)

But, for all of 200 pesos (that’s about 5 bucks), I already bought a cute case to welcome the phone to Manila…


Fancy, no?

Now since I’m SO late in the game, tell me, what is your favorite app?


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