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Jakarta next week!

Somehow I completely lost track of time, and just now realized that not only I’ll be in Palau at this time 2 weeks from now (OMG, so excited!!!), but this time next week, we’ll be in Jakarta, Indonesia.

And aside from figuring out a hotel, I have done NO research.  At all.  And I’m running our of time…

So if anyone reading this has been there, please send me any tips of where to go.  Anything we *must* see?  (Though I’ve heard it’s like Manila, not much to actually see, sightseeing-wise…)

And what are the good places for shopping?  And by shopping I don’t mean malls with expensive stores, but maybe batik, or other local things.  To Karl’s dismay, I love a market, but I have been staying away from them since my parents left…

I definitely want to eat at Din Tai Fung, and I know, I know, that’s not Indonesian food, but I’ve been obsessed with it since we tried it in Singapore (and again in Bangkok), and we’re staying almost next door to one (yes, I may have screamed with glee when I found that out right after we booked the hotel).  But if there’s a “must try” spot in Jakarta, send it my way!

(We’re staying near Plaza Senayan, but we can definitely find our way around the city!)

Update:  After writing this last night (you didn’t actually think I was physically up at 7am every morning posting on the blog, no?), I found Clare’s blog (thanks to the FS blogs bundle on google reader I recently discovered) and emailed her asking for tips, and she wrote me back with a BUNCH of tips!  I’m actually starting to get excited about our short trip!

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Indonesia here we come!

This will also be a 48 hour fling in a new country (just like Taipei), but Jakarta, Indonesia is one of the places we want to visit (we’re researching “possible future posts in Asia” after all – or at least that’s the excuse we use!), and Cebu Pacific came up with another great deal, at a little over $100 for each round-trip ticket.  How can we say no?  (The deal is still going on, if anyone else also wants to pop over there!)

We are off to Palau on April 10th, and we’ll be gone for a whole week, but we knew that we didn’t want to spend Easter weekend in Manila, even if it would mean April would start as a super-busy month. 

We arrived on Easter weekend this year and on Good Friday the whole town was dead, shops and restaurants closed, which makes for a very long 4 day weekend stuck at home.

Cebu Pacific’s ticket options did not allow us to spend the 4 day weekend in Jakarta, but it DID let us get there Wednesday night, and fly back on Friday night.  Again, exactly 48 hours to explore!  But why not?  It’ll also allow us to have a weekend back at home to relax, and there’s nothing like visiting a busy city then relaxing for a week at the beach afterwards, no?

So Indonesia will be the 5th country we’re already booked to visit next year!  And hopefully that’s only the beginning…

Now where to stay in Jakarta?  It seems that the city is very much like Manila: busy and with not many touristy things to do.  But there must be good food and a good market somewhere, no?


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