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Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

I can’t believe a month today I was in Kota Kinabalu, and STILL haven’t talked about it. 

There are a lot of cool things to do there, like climbing Mt. Kinabalu, but we went for a relaxing, do nothing, just sit on the beach and relax trip.  And that we did!  I arrived with a fever, but with enough tylenol to keep it down so I could be functional.  By the last day I didn’t even need meds anymore, and could finally taste food again!  (Not being able to breathe through your nose, kind of kills anything your taste buds try to savor…)

Have I mentioned we wanted to go diving one of the days?  But I was too congested for it to be safe, so it looks like I won’t be getting my 50th dive this year after all (I’m at #47 now!).  Sucks!

We stayed at the Magellan Sutera, which I highly recommend.  We had a wonderful stay, our room was big, the staff was super nice, the included breakfast delicious, and though the beach was TINY, it was crowded, and they had enough pools to make up for it.


Our view during breakfast.  Can’t complain!




Sunday I woke feeling GREAT, but the noise outside made me wonder.  We took a peek, and yep, freaking monsoon weather outside, everything flooding.  So that sucked.

Monday morning we woke up super early to enjoy the beach and pool before check out time. 


The view from the top of the slide!


Why oh why, I didn’t bring my swimming stuff with me? For the record I did complete one full lap (that’s me below), just because I HAD to (how can you say no to such a wonderful pool?), but my bathing suit was definitely not swimming friendly, I had no goggles and my hair was going all over the place.


Going down the slide for the 100th time!


I wasn’t the only one acting like a little kid, don’t worry!


I WANT this boat!  Reminds me of a jukebox!


The other tiny beach.


Hotel lobby.  Man, we really miss these luxuries here in the Philippines!  For $100/night, we don’t get even close to the comfort of Magellan Sutera!


We didn’t just stay in the resort, we explored downtown Kota Kinabalu a bit too.  And though I was too sick when we arrived, we were still able to get around the other days – pics to come!

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Right now…

We arrived to a gloomy night on Friday, while I was still battling a fever, we had an amazing day Saturday, yesterday it rained all day long (not just rain, it looked like monsoon!), but this morning we’re enjoying this…


In an hour and a half we’ll pack up our beach things, shower, check out and head to the airport and back to Manila… More pictures to come, now back to enjoying our last few hours in Kota Kinabalu…

(posting this w WordPress for the iPhone, fingers crossed there are no glitches…)

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