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Where I’ve Been–Updated!

After months and months and months of procrastination, I have finally updated my Where I’ve Been page!   I was a bit sad deleting the line “Trips planned for this year” and not replacing it with actual trips planned but there is nothing, since I’m officially banned from air travel until this baby gets here – and then who knows if we’ll get a chance to travel with baby in the last two months, considering she won’t get a passport until the birth certificate arrives, and just that takes 6 weeks!  (Have I mentioned we’re moving 2 months after baby, so just the thought of that stresses me out a *tad* – and yes, that is a total understatement).

But anyway, up to 33 countries/territories, not bad considering I arrived in the Philippines with those numbers in the teens!

Here are some of the pictures I added from recent trips – I may have gone overboard with a few of them, but sometimes it’s hard to choose favorites.  (And yep, still planning on blogging all about the trips I haven’t shared yet, it will be nice reminiscing about them!)

Australia:  Sydney and Blue Mountains

Blog - Australia

Vietnam:  Hanoi (can you tell the weather was very gloomy?)

Blog - Hanoi

MalaysiaKota Kinabalu

Blog - Kota Kinabalu

Marshall Islands:  Majuro

Blog - Majuro

Cambodia:  Phnom Penh

Blog - Phnom Penh

Federal States of Micronesia:  Pohnpei

Blog - Pohnpei

China: Shanghai

Blog - Shanghai

This one from right here in the Philippines, our weekend trip to Subic to swim with dolphins!

Blog - Subic

Laos:  Vientiane

Blog - Vientiane

I also added some pictures to much older trips (pre-blog), like my trips to Greece, Spain, etc.  (Pretty much anything I had digital pictures for were finally included!)

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Back from Marshall Islands and Micronesia!

I had crappy crappy crappy internet during my trip.  For real.  So I couldn’t have posted even if I wanted to.  There was no connection where we were staying, and the only way to get a signal was to walk out into the very hot and sunny driveway, where there was no place to sit.  So I would check my email quickly, reply if it was important, and that was about it.

Once in a while I also shared a few pictures on instagram – I took WAY more pictures with my camera than with my iphone (since I had the camera with me at all times, and without a cellphone or internet signal, the iphone stayed behind), and I’ll definitely share those pictures, but for now, if you didn’t see it on instagram or facebook, here are a couple of shots from the last 2.5 weeks…

View from where we were staying in Majuro…  For real, this was right off our balcony!


I looked up from breakfast (yep, my breakfasts were eaten outside on the balcony, with my kindle on hand), and noticed the light drizzle and a double rainbow!


Two nights left in Majuro, and this is the amazing sunset that greeted us…


In Pohnpei, Micronesia, with better wifi signal, and a view just as wonderful from our room (on stilts!  In the middle of the jungle!).


This huge lizard was no match for the spider that woke me up on the first night (no pictures of the spider, I was too terrified to move, more on it later, let’s just say that it was my first real-life encounter with what very much looked like a tarantula – I was saved by the mosquito net around our bed).


And this is where we ate breakfast every morning.  Thanks to going during off-season, we were always the first to grab this spot in the morning!


More to come!  I’m jetlagged and super tired…  (One doesn’t sleep much after encountering a humongous chirping spider on the first night out, so got lots of sleep to catch up on.)

Here’s hoping I’ll get my energy back soon, because I also need to work off the 5lbs (!!!!) I gained in the last 2.5 weeks.  Eating out every day in places where “salad” and “fresh fruit” don’t exist in the menu, definitely made it for some non-baby related weight gain, yikes!


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Aaaand… I’m still in Manila

There are some refueling issue at the Majuro airport, and all United flights from Guam there this week got canceled. 

I found that out just a couple of hours before leaving for the airport, so I checked my flights online and it all said it was good to go.

Of course, this being United, I found out I was NOT flying to Majuro after arriving at the airport, despite having already checked in online.  I was rebooked on a flight on Sunday that may or may not leave.  We’ll see how it goes.  (Karl has no updates either, and said even the President of the Marshall Islands is currently stranded away from Majuro, so they’re looking to fix the problem ASAP.)

Flights from Hawaii are still landing in Majuro, but United refused to reroute me.

After lots of tears, I came back home, and out of curiosity checked the United site, and yep, it still said that the flight for Majuro was a-ok.  Why, oh why, they don’t update these things, saving me the one hour drive in traffic to NAIA 1 (not surprisingly, voted the worst airport in the world) only to find out I wasn’t going anywhere?  Then have to drive through traffic back home?

So here I am, a few hours before I was meant to land in Majuro, where I would get to see my husband after 2 weeks apart, and I would get to be spending my weekend at the beach…  The whole idea of me arriving before the weekend was so Karl could show me around, and now, nothing.  Here’s hoping I will finally go on Sunday.

At least Lily was ecstatic to see me back home.


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Off to the Marshall Islands!

I fly over tonight, but I only get there tomorrow night, and there are many (many!) take off and landings in between me and Majuro, Marshall Islands.

Karl has been there for 2 weeks, and is really enjoying the work.  It’ll be nice to see him, though to be honest I always have a hard time being away from these babies…


Luckily, I know they’re in good hands with our helper, who is staying here with them for the next (almost!) 3 weeks.  This will be the longest I left Lily behind (the longest I stayed away from Lucas was when we left for our wedding in Rio).

So what is there to do in Majuro?  Not much. The major sightseeing spot in Majuro is this:


Yep.  A bridge.  Also known as the highest point on the island.  A reviewer on Trip Advisor says:  “The bridge was remarkable as probably one of the most sophisticated items of infrastructure on the island. It never failed to serve it’s purpose.”  (Well, good thing it’s not failing to serve its purpose, no?)

But when the aerial view looks like this:


Are you really surprised that a bridge is the most exciting landmark?

My kindle is loaded with books, my tablet and hard drive full of movies, I’m bringing my bikini and snorkeling gear.  I think I can relax there for 2 weeks with no problem, no?  Even if it takes an hour to drive down to the beach, it’s an hour with NO traffic, NO jeepneys, NO pedicabs, NO crazy buses, so one can only get excited about an hour drive when you’re actually, you know, driving.

So I’ll try to update things from there, even though I’m super far behind due to sheer laziness on talking about my trips to Chiang Mai (elephant riding!), Singapore and Shanghai.  But I’ll get there!

Now keep your fingers crossed that the flight will go without a hitch, there’ll be no delays or cancellations, and that it won’t be any worse than it already is (lots of flights and waiting inside the plane for 45 minutes in between each is never fun).

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