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Where I’ve Been–Updated!

After months and months and months of procrastination, I have finally updated my Where I’ve Been page!   I was a bit sad deleting the line “Trips planned for this year” and not replacing it with actual trips planned but there is nothing, since I’m officially banned from air travel until this baby gets here – and then who knows if we’ll get a chance to travel with baby in the last two months, considering she won’t get a passport until the birth certificate arrives, and just that takes 6 weeks!  (Have I mentioned we’re moving 2 months after baby, so just the thought of that stresses me out a *tad* – and yes, that is a total understatement).

But anyway, up to 33 countries/territories, not bad considering I arrived in the Philippines with those numbers in the teens!

Here are some of the pictures I added from recent trips – I may have gone overboard with a few of them, but sometimes it’s hard to choose favorites.  (And yep, still planning on blogging all about the trips I haven’t shared yet, it will be nice reminiscing about them!)

Australia:  Sydney and Blue Mountains

Blog - Australia

Vietnam:  Hanoi (can you tell the weather was very gloomy?)

Blog - Hanoi

MalaysiaKota Kinabalu

Blog - Kota Kinabalu

Marshall Islands:  Majuro

Blog - Majuro

Cambodia:  Phnom Penh

Blog - Phnom Penh

Federal States of Micronesia:  Pohnpei

Blog - Pohnpei

China: Shanghai

Blog - Shanghai

This one from right here in the Philippines, our weekend trip to Subic to swim with dolphins!

Blog - Subic

Laos:  Vientiane

Blog - Vientiane

I also added some pictures to much older trips (pre-blog), like my trips to Greece, Spain, etc.  (Pretty much anything I had digital pictures for were finally included!)

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Exploring Kota Kinabalu!

The resort was awesome, but we had to try some of the local fare, right?  Downtown Kota Kinabalu was really small, but with a few markets selling yummy Malaysian food and a ton of little outdoor bars and restaurants!


I was still sick, and Karl didn’t feel like seafood, but just look at the size of these prawns!!  Compare them to the shrimp for true scale!


I didn’t like seeing a ray for sale though…


The lobster was also ginormous!  This was NOT a mini scale!


I do agree with that slogan…


On Monday, we spent our day at the beach and pool, checked out of the hotel, then hopped on a cab downtown to see the city during the daytime.


Ew, dried sea cucumber!


So many mangoes!


All sorts of dried fish and seafood.


Kota Kinabalu was a lot of fun!  Such a nice relaxing trip, definitely what we needed for a change!

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Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

I can’t believe a month today I was in Kota Kinabalu, and STILL haven’t talked about it. 

There are a lot of cool things to do there, like climbing Mt. Kinabalu, but we went for a relaxing, do nothing, just sit on the beach and relax trip.  And that we did!  I arrived with a fever, but with enough tylenol to keep it down so I could be functional.  By the last day I didn’t even need meds anymore, and could finally taste food again!  (Not being able to breathe through your nose, kind of kills anything your taste buds try to savor…)

Have I mentioned we wanted to go diving one of the days?  But I was too congested for it to be safe, so it looks like I won’t be getting my 50th dive this year after all (I’m at #47 now!).  Sucks!

We stayed at the Magellan Sutera, which I highly recommend.  We had a wonderful stay, our room was big, the staff was super nice, the included breakfast delicious, and though the beach was TINY, it was crowded, and they had enough pools to make up for it.


Our view during breakfast.  Can’t complain!




Sunday I woke feeling GREAT, but the noise outside made me wonder.  We took a peek, and yep, freaking monsoon weather outside, everything flooding.  So that sucked.

Monday morning we woke up super early to enjoy the beach and pool before check out time. 


The view from the top of the slide!


Why oh why, I didn’t bring my swimming stuff with me? For the record I did complete one full lap (that’s me below), just because I HAD to (how can you say no to such a wonderful pool?), but my bathing suit was definitely not swimming friendly, I had no goggles and my hair was going all over the place.


Going down the slide for the 100th time!


I wasn’t the only one acting like a little kid, don’t worry!


I WANT this boat!  Reminds me of a jukebox!


The other tiny beach.


Hotel lobby.  Man, we really miss these luxuries here in the Philippines!  For $100/night, we don’t get even close to the comfort of Magellan Sutera!


We didn’t just stay in the resort, we explored downtown Kota Kinabalu a bit too.  And though I was too sick when we arrived, we were still able to get around the other days – pics to come!

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Back soon…

Don’t give up on my just yet – it’s been super-quiet around these parts, but at this time tomorrow Tracy will be on her flight back to NYC so all the shopping, eating out, non-working out and non-blogging will cease so normal life can resume.  (I don’t even want to weigh myself:  super bloated, clothes are tight, it’s not looking good…)

More pictures and updates from our trip to Kota Kinabalu and from my trip with Tracy to Coron.  Meanwhile, I’ve posted a ton to instagram lately, and this is what you missed…

Drinking red ginseng tea on my way to pick up Tracy at the airport…  (I was running a 101 fever then – not fun.)


First glimpse at our hotel in Kota Kinabalu (highly recommend the Magellan Sutera – it was wonderful!).


Enjoying the pool, while facing the (tiny) beach.


Karl can’t help but pick up (other people’s) trash from the beach.


Sunday, when my fever was finally gone (without needing to take a fever reducer to function – all gone for real!), we woke up to this (and it was like that ALL DAMN DAY – and it wasn’t just rain, that walkaway flooded soon after):


Inappropriate much?


Yes, the postcard was cute…


Another shot of our lovely hotel!


If you ever wondered:  yep, Starbucks is the same in any country you go to…


Philippines Independence day!  HUGE flag in Ayala Park!


Tracy getting her first foot massage in Asia!


We made it to Coron!  Now it’s dinnertime!


My dinner:  kinilaw (Filipino ceviche – it’s amazing!) and garlic squid.  With rice, of course, this is the Philippines after all.


Tracy’s first halo-halo experience.  Now we keep shouting “halo-halo!” “HALO!” like idiots.  Inside joke, Karl did not get it…


Surprise, surprise!  The view from our hotel (Asia Grand View) was awesome!  Highly recommend it, by the way, super nice people, quiet, a 5 minute, 15 pesos, tricycle ride to town and you get to look at this during breakfast…


Waiting for boarding at the Coron Airport.  And yes, this is the whole thing.


Back in Manila!  Tracy shops at the Mall of Asia!


And buys a ridiculous amount of SPAM at the hypermarket…


Remember our friends who adopted the kitten I found?  Soooo…  They pulled a Carla, and on Saturday I went to help them feed this tiny little kitten.  Here’s hoping he makes it.  Like the one I found, this also had no mom to be found, but was in the middle of the street.  He doesn’t even have his eyes open yet, and the umbilical cord is still attached…


If you have dinner with Tracy, this is what happens:


Lily getting some loving from Karl…


All dressed up, nowhere to go!


Tracy went shopping in Divisoria, and all she got was this huge coffee bun.  Seriously, no purses?  This time, I bought not bags for myself, and was super-proud.  Baby steps.


Karl showing off his Bangkok purchase from January.  May the froth be with you.


Greenhills!  Tracy now regrets not buying the necklace she’s holding in the picture.


Pearls at Greenhills…  Yes, I bought more.  Because you can’t have too many necklaces, right?


Lots of construction noise going on upstairs.  Lily was very scared (but super cuddly, so it’s a win for me!).


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