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Help me pick a new blog name!

And win a prize if you get picked!  (No, really!)

I figured it’s about time I go from a wordpress.com blog name to my own domain.

www.IRunYouRun.com is already taken by my running group in DC.  And at the same time, it’s time for a change, no?  I named my blog the same as my running group, because I had no other ideas at the time (and I knew I wanted to blog about my training, but I had no idea what direction the blog would take, or even if I’d be blogging alone or having other people talk about their training).  I remember I considered “Turtle Pace” as well, but ended up not going with that.

Nowadays, I find it false advertising that my blog name is only related to running when lately I don’t even feel like a runner anymore.  I do still plan to run and blog about my running (and lets hope there are more marathons in my future), but lately this blog is less about training and more about life, trips, puppies, foreign service lifestyle AND running.

So help me pick a new name!  And I’m not opposed to a running-related name either (false advertising or not), as long as it’s a clever one.

I can’t seem to have any ideas…  I thought of “I Run This World” to combine the running with my moves/travels, but it sort of sounds like I’m after world dominance, no?

I thought of “Runderful” but maybe it’s too sappy?

I thought of “Where in the World Am I”? But there’s already a blog (Foreign Service, no less) with that name…

I’m not opposed to using my name, Carla, for the blog title, or even my last name Reinisch, or Karl’s (maybe “The Trunk adventures” or “Running off the Trunk”? – or does that sound like I’m trying to get rid of Karl?  Plus, the blog is still more about me than Karl, who is way too private to have a blog).  Sarah was very clever in making their last name, Novak, sound like a country: Novakistan.

Either vote for something mentioned here, or come up with your own! 

If I do end up using a reader-suggested name, I promise you some Filipino goodies in the mail!  (Dried mangoes and something handmade from the Greenhills market?  A strand of pearls?  I’ll surprise you!)


GO!  (And super super thanks!)



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