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One year in the Philippines!

Today marks our one year in the Philippines!  Time flew by, and we still love it here  — don’t get me wrong, we have bad days like normal people, but the good days still by far outweigh the bad ones, as they should.

I wanted to really write a happy super-duper post, but we’re going through tough times this week (we got bad news health-wise for a member of our family far away – sorry if this is cryptic, but I was asked not to talk about it yet until we know which direction this is heading, specially since it came as a shock due to an accident – is bad news never not a shock though?), so instead of linking to the amazing times we had here and all the travel we’ve done, I’ll take the lazy way out and just say – since this time last year, we stepped foot in 11 (ELEVEN!) countries/territories (pictures on mine “Where I’ve Been” page, though I still have to add Palau!).  I know those European folks can just drive in any direction and get to see amazing places, but we had the fun of flying to all of them.

We likely won’t get to hit another 11 new countries in the coming year, as we’re totally running out of countries to visit in SE Asia, specially places that we can see with a long weekend, as most everywhere else requires at least a week due to long travel times, but we have Brunei and Malaysia on our schedule for the next couple of months.

I still have my goal of being to 30 countries by the time I leave Manila, so I need 2 more to hit that goal.  Suggestions, please?  Something that’s not a super-expensive flight and doesn’t need lots of time out from work (like Australia or New Zealand would need).

And happy anniversary to our time in Manila!  Philippines, you have treated us well so far!  Here’s to another great year!


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