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Palau: Jellyfish Lake — The Video!

I already posted a bunch of pictures of the Jellyfish Lake in Palau, but nothing like a video to see how really graceful and peaceful it was.  As before, you can just click on the video below, but it’s best if you click on the HD tab and see it in its original quality.

By the way, if you’re too lazy to watch the whole thing, start watching at minute 3:00 — there will be a surprise appearance by Karl attempting his best “where the hell is Matt?” dance, and after that part you truly see howcrowded the lake was — before we though we were seeing a bunch of them, but it was nowhere close to it.



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Palau: Turtles!

Just like sharks, we spotted turtles on most of our dives.  At Blue Corner, I was actually hooked about 3 feet from a turtle that was munching on coral (got loads of videos of that!).

Here are some of the shots…


I think this is my funniest picture from the trip:



Our friend Brian (who I still have to send this picture to…)


Finally, my first picture with a turtle!  I know, I know, you can’t stand my sexiness!


And now my second picture with a turtle!


Our friend Maria swimming along with a turtle at the New Drop Off, our final dive.


All the turtles we saw are pretty small, because once they’re bigger they move on to the south of Palau, a few hours away from where we were.


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Palau: SHARKS!

Don’t get me wrong, if I was frolicking on the beach and I spotted a shark, I would probably have more fear than excitement, and would likely swim away towards dry land, instead of swimming closer for a nicer shot, or hooking myself to a coral reef to be able to get a better look at them. 

But diving?  It’s a whole different world, and seeing sharks (specially non-aggressive ones like the ones in these waters) makes it for good and exciting diving.  And in Palau we saw them in pretty much every dive!

So it’s no wonder that I got pictures, lots and lots of pictures!  (And for the record, Blue Corner and Ulong Channel were the best spots to see them while we were in Palau, Ulong being our favorite dive.)


How many sharks can you count?

P1030337P1030344 (2)P1030347

Yep, that’s Karl!



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Palau: The Beaches!

I have posted the boat rides, the super-cool pictures of the jellyfish lake, and I’ll be posting a ton of diving pictures later.  But Palau also has amazing beaches!  And when you dive 5 days in a row from a boat, you stop to eat your bento box lunch at some pretty spectacular places…  (Again, apologies for the drops of water on the lens of some of the pictures.)


If I remember it correctly, the beach below is Ulong Beach, where one of the Survivors was filmed.


As you can see in the picture below, I was too lazy to remove my wetsuit most of the time…  It’s no wonder I came home with a burnt back and face, but non-tanned legs.  But putting on a wetsuit is a pain!


The folks with spent most of our days with on our dives!


And lastly our hotel beach.  It’s a little small man-made beach that I never actually got to use (we were so pooped when we got back at the end of the day that we would go straight to the shower), but the last day I walked on the sand, and it was very soft fluffy sand, not bad!  If United hadn’t screwed up our travel, we would have enjoyed the beach on the first day of our trip.  (We stayed at the Palau Royal Resort, I’ll post a full review later.  I still owe so many travel reviews…)



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