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Photography Class!

Yep, I got a Canon DSLR camera for my birthday from Karl before we were even married, and this week I finally *finally* took a photography class to let me get out of auto mode (I mean, it was so bad that I’ve only been taking my point and shoot for trips, why carry a heavy camera around if I can’t use manual mode?).

I signed up for the class at the last minute – I did my research on Friday late afternoon, and surprisingly, I got a reply back that there was still room in the class! 

One of the main reasons I hadn’t taken the class before, even though I’ve been in Manila for a while and I arrived with that on my “to do” list, is that most classes here happen in multiple weekends, usually 5 Saturdays or Sundays in a row – and I have yet to have 5 weekends in a row in Manila (I know, that’s about to change very fast!). 

Most of the classes I found go through the end of February, which is a bit too close to my due date to risk, so at the end I spent more than I wanted to spend and took a 3 day (very intensive) basic photography class at PCCI here in Makati.

And yep, I am totally comfortable using my camera on manual mode now, the only problem is I have to keep taking pictures so I don’t forget what I learned, but Manila is back to its gloomy day self today (and apparently for the next few days). 

A lot of my pictures are boring, as we had our first morning shoot in Greenbelt, a shopping mall nearby with outdoor space, and that being a place I go to once or twice a week, it was hard to find inspiration…  Plus the main goal was learning to use the camera.  We did a few portrait shots too, but they’re pretty boring, so not posting them here. Here are some of my morning photos:


The end of the afternoon/nighttime shoot was a lot more fun (though I was EXHAUSTED by then), as we went to Roxas Boulevard (near the US Embassy) and were taking pictures of sunset and things in motion, here are a few of them:


My best attempt at panning:


And Manila’s one claim to fame:  its gorgeous sunsets!  (I heard that pollution helps make the sunsets prettier, so I’m not surprised there are beautiful ones here!)


Some of my classmates…


Nothing like a bride and groom who conveniently walk by as you’re learning to shoot!


Capturing motion again (not perfect as I didn’t use a tripod, I need to try this on a busier street where cars are going by faster to get the cool light effect!  Maybe back in DC where traffic does move by faster?).


Making “art” with lights…




A couple of my classmates also got a shot of the silhouette of my bump against the sunset, and I can’t wait for them to send me those pictures so I can share it here!  (Nothing like being proud of my big belly, huh?)


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Wedding Talk: More engagement pictures!

I had shared some of our engagement pictures before, but now I have a few more to share with you guys!

In front of the Lincoln Memorial -- check out our shadow on the right!

At the World War II Memorial

At the Tidal Basin, with the Cherry Blossoms on the background

In Old Town Alexandria, in front of the Torpedo Factory

Old Town

Yes, you can almost see up my dress...

We were tired and acting stupid by this point.

Karl is giving bedroom eyes to the camera...

I love how they turned out!  Karl really didn’t want to take any pictures, but since my friend was taking them for us, he ended up going for it.  Now he’s happy we did it!

Now which one to print?  Hard to choose!


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