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Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks!

We just got back from Sydney, Australia a few hours ago.  Loved that city, loved the people (super nice!), hated how expensive things are ($35 for a pizza?  Ouch!).  Got to pet a couple of koalas, a wallaby, a kangaroo…  Now how awesome is that?  And the New Year’s Eve fireworks were the best I’ve ever seen!  (I took a quick video of the finale, which was spectacular, I’ll make sure to post it here!)

I’m excited to start writing about my trips again, it’ll carry me through the next few months when I can’t travel anymore (boo!).


How far along?  31 weeks!  In the single digits now, unless baby girl decides to be late…

Total weight gain/loss:  To be updated…  There’s no way I was weighing myself at 5pm tonight when we got back home from the airport when I’m bloated from an 8 hour plane ride (I’m a “weigh myself first thing in the morning after peeing” kind of girl).  I have a feeling the numbers will be scary though.

Exercise:  I guess walking a lot around Sydney counts, right?  I’m not as fast as I was, but we still walked a lot!  Tomorrow, back to aqua aerobics, and hoping I get some good sleep to make it back to the gym or at least the treadmill.

Measurements:  Baby girl must have shifted positions as the widest part of the belly shrunk (40.5” vs 41.5” last week), but everything else is bigger.  Let’s hope that doesn’t mean she is no longer head down…  Waist increased an inch to 35” and my ribcage measures the same thing, meaning I officially lost my waist.  Now that is depressing – it’s the one thing I had going for me, I always had a very well defined waist, regardless of how big everything else got.  That also means that my chest grew 2” since last week.

Maternity clothes?  Still rocking maternity shorts and shirts, luckily everything still fits despite the recent expansions.

Stretch marks?  Knock on wood, but none yet.

Sleep: Still sucks. 

Best moment this week:  Uh, hello?

And yes, my hand was petting the koala (while he totally ignored me and kept munching on his food).

Miss Anything?  I miss sleep.  Good all night deep sleep.

Movement:  Lots and lots.  Still not used to seeing the belly move around from the outside.  So weird to seeing a body part moving and having no control over it.

Food cravings:  Cadbury chocolate.  Sadly, very easy to fulfill that craving in Australia…

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Heartburn is a bitch.

Have you started to show yet:  For sure!  Even got my first belly rub from a stranger today (a stewardess as I was entering the plane).  It didn’t bother me, I actually like that I *finally* look pregnant as opposed to fat!

Gender:  Girl!

Labor Signs:  Got loads of contractions on the flight to Sydney, they weren’t painful but they were definitely contractions.  I guess they were my first experience with Braxton Hicks?  They did freak me out a bit, seeing I was stuck in a plane with 5 hours to go…  Plus, the one way to end them (and make sure they’re not real contractions) is to lay down flat and hydrate.  Two things that is impossible to do on a plane (specially when you already have to pee every 5 minutes as is).  Said that, after an hour of steady contractions it went away and haven’t had it again!

Belly Button in or out?  Still an innie!

Wedding rings on or off?  Off…  It was painful getting my ring off the morning we went to Sydney, so I didn’t take chances and decided to remove and use a silver band instead.  On the bright side, it likely means some of my weight gain is water weight.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  I was exploring Sydney, eating lots of Cadbury chocolate and amazing lamb burgers with goat cheese and hummus from Grill’d, and even got my last meal in Din Tai Fung (I already miss their xiao long bao…  How am I going to survive at least 3 years without it?), of course I was happy! 

Looking forward to:  My next doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, though I have a feeling I’ll be scared to hear the baby’s weight.



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Pregnancy Update: 29 Weeks!


How far along?  29 weeks!

Total weight gain/loss:  13.5lbs.  Yep, you read that right, seems like 3lbs in one week.  And yes, I’m seriously depressed about it.

Exercise:  Haven’t hit the treadmill this week, thanks to lots of sleepless nights that left me feeling like a total zombie during the day (finally got good sleep in the last couple of days though).  Yesterday I did try my first aqua aerobics class with other pregnant ladies, and though I wouldn’t call it challenging, it was a much better exercise than I was expecting, and being the water person I am, it was super nice to be in a pool!  (We have a pool in our building, but I only sees the sun for an hour a day, so despite the hot temperatures, the pool is always way too cold for comfort.  And being tiny – the pool, not me — it’s not like I can swim to warm myself up.)

Measurements:  Yep, you can tell all those 3lbs went straight to my stomach, the widest part of my stomach now measures 39.5” (it grew a whole inch in a week?!?).  The waist is 34.75” which means another half an inch growth.  No wonder I’ve been feeling bigger lately, and finally looking more pregnant than fat.

Maternity clothes?  Still rocking non-maternity dresses, but wearing maternity clothes for everything else.

Stretch marks?  None.  Knock on wood.

Sleep:  This week was particularly bad.  Lots of sleepless nights.  Pregnancy insomnia sucks.

Best moment this week:  Maybe having our car seat arrive in the mail?  It made it more “real” that a baby will be joining this house soon, even though we’re still about 3 months away.

Miss Anything?  Getting good sleep and not having heartburn/reflux.  Both are really taking a toll on me this week.

Movement:  Lots of kicks still.

Food cravings:  Sweets.  Always sweets.  I did get my share of salt & vinegar chips, thanks to the generosity of friends.  (Can I blame those 3lbs on them as well?)

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nothing much this week.  Though when I’m sitting down and I lean over, it feels like my stomach is about to jump out of my throat.

Have you started to show yet:  It’s not that I hadn’t popped before, but my belly looks specially big this week (now that I measured it, I’m not surprised).  I think it’s pretty obvious I got a baby in there, not just chub.

Gender:  Girl!  Went for my check up this week, got another ultrasound (the doctor here does one at most appointments), and she looks healthy but BIG.  Over 3lbs, 87 percentile big.  As in, still two to three months to go for her to get bigger and then I have to push that out?  Can you tell labor is starting to freak me out a bit?  Specially when the birthing book I’m reading has pictures like this one (WARNING!  Not safe for work, and likely a bit terrifying depending on your view of these things, click at your own risk!!!  Here is the picture.)

Labor Signs:  Nothing.

Belly Button in or out?  In, but laying in bed and contracting my stomach then pressing the sides of the belly button made it pop out.  Yes, Karl and I both screamed in horror at the sight.  No, I’m not over-dramatizing it, there really were screams.

Wedding rings on or off?  On.  Still checking every day.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Moody.  Add lack of sleep to stupid heartburn/reflux, and I haven’t been a very happy person this last week.

Looking forward to:  Making (and eating!) pumpkin cheesecake for Christmas!  That seems to be my Christmas tradition now!  (I make this recipe.)

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R&R Trip

So remember how way back at the end of July we went on our first R&R trip, taking a total of 9 flights in two weeks, before arriving back in Manila?  And how I never blogged about it, except for a very brief post where the wordpress app didn’t even post my pictures in a proper size?

So after dealing with flight cancelations (AFTER boarding the plane and hanging out for almost 2 hours on the tarmac) and an unexpected overnight stay in Detroit, we finally made our way to Charleston…

I got reunited with my engagement ring, the diamond had become loose, and we got it fixed, but it was waiting for me in Charleston (it had been over a year since I last worn it!).


We got to hang out with the cutest kids…



And go to the beach – we missed the beach!


DC was next on our itinerary, where somehow we rented one of the world’s smallest cars (that was surprisingly very fun to drive), and play tetris in order to fit all our luggage in… (And no, we didn’t get it on the first try).


We got to drive through GW Parkway on a beautiful day…


And say hello to DC traffic – but no jeepneys, so yay!


We chilled at my sister’s…


Sat in Obama’s chair…


Met my running group for a BBQ (where I failed to get a picture!), and admired some of the DC views I miss so much during my runs. (Gosh, I miss running outside…)


I caught up with my very-pregnant friend that still looked smaller than me at 9 months…


And gave my big grown-up nephew some hugs!


And met a bunch of my friends for drinks and dinner, and it was great catching up, even if I did have to stick with water.

You have no idea how much I miss running with these folks!


And chatting with one of my best friends, Nanubia!


Seattle was the next (and last!) stop in our itinerary, and we spent a gorgeous day on a boat, which also coincided to be my first day of pregnancy sickness and put a bummer in my time in Seattle.  But before I started feeling like death, I did take some good pictures!


Can you see the mountains?  Beautiful!




There was a lot of cuddling done with this dog while I dealt with nausea…


I still feel like I need a redo in Seattle.  I ended up spending most of the time in bed watching TV, which was a waste of a vacation.  But there was lots of nausea, headache (and some projectile vomiting) during that time, so at least I count myself lucky that it was only during the last bit of the trip – not during the whole thing!


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And my muscles have turned to Jello

Seriously.  You know how last week I worked out, and instead of doing 3 sets of each thing, I only did 1 set of each in order to ease myself back into the gym and not be too sore? 

Yeah, in Shanghai I suffered from DOMS, not only the next day and the following, but for a record of 3 days, when sitting or getting up from a chair was painful, walking up stairs was grueling, and let’s face it, just walking was also not pretty.

And my feet that haven’t bothered me in so long?  Started that achy bruised pain they get after I spend many hours walking around (it still sucks).

This week?  Nausea and fatigue hit me again (I thought this crap would be over by the second trimester?), so all the hard work from last week was wasted when I spent the entire week either taking naps or sitting on the couch.  Next time I hit the gym (soon, please?  I actually feel gross), I will have to start all over again.

And the treadmill has been neglected.  I was so proud of myself for throwing some running back in before we left to the US, and now back to zero.

Here’s hoping life will soon be back to normal.  I miss being myself.  I miss blogging, I miss sharing my vacation pictures, I miss working out, I miss just being normal.

Fingers crossed next week will be it.

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