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Off to the beach!

Yes, another trip.  Again.  Didn’t I just come back from a trip this Sunday? 

Yup.  I did. 

And now I’m off to the beach!  Yay!

This time, you can blame it on my friend Liz, who is visiting from DC, and made the itinerary herself.  So instead of hopping to another Asian country, we’re staying right in the Philippines, visiting spots like these in El Nido


And after a few days there (at a resort called Golden Monkey – where they have ACTUAL monkeys!  And you can PLAY with them!!!), where we will be going on boat rides, hopefully get some diving done, then we will take an 8 hour bus ride (her idea, believe me) to Puerto Princesa, where we will take a trip to their famous underground river…


Before making our way back to Manila.  I’ll be gone for a week, so things may be quiet around these parts (unless I manage to schedule a few posts ahead of time).

This will be the only trip I’ve taken without Karl since we got hitched (actually, it may be the only trip ever, since even when I went to Brazil without him, he joined me a week later), and I probably won’t have any cellphone service there.  Fingers crossed the husband, the puppy and the kitty all behave themselves.  (They usually do, though we all know the troublemaker of this family is the puppy, who will be celebrating her first birthday two days after I get back.)

I promise to take lots of pictures!  (Even though I haven’t posted any non-diving pictures from Coron yet.  Ooops.)


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