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And the diet…

I knew that meeting up with a endocrinologist and a dietitian would not be fun.  But after gaining 20lbs and continuing to pack on the weight despite my best efforts, I needed to see if there was anything to be done, or more specifically, anything wrong with me.  Sure, I am no longer running long distances, but I also don’t think that the only way I should be able to maintain my weight is by having to run long distances, no?  That is certainly not normal!

The endocrinologist at first thought I might have diabetes (are you always thirsty?  Yes!  Do you wake up to pee in the middle of the night?  YES!), but despite my love for sugary stuff, I don’t eat that much sugar, or that often, I have no family history, I’m not living a sedentary lifestyle, so it was not what I wanted to hear.

The good news?  My blood tests showed that I have no diabetes at all.  The bad news?  My cholesterol is slightly on the high side.  The worst news?  The blood tests showed NOTHING wrong with me, and even though my thyroid is a bit on the slow side (duh, I know I have a sucky metabolism), it still within the “normal” range.  So no special thyroid meds for me to speed things up!

The meeting with the dietitian?  I heard a lot of what I already knew:  I don’t eat nearly enough protein, and currently I’m not eating nearly enough overall which is probably what is causing the weight gain.  The lack of a routine since quitting work makes it hard – I often skip breakfast, lunch, or both.  A big no-no, as I already knew.  True, when I go out to eat I might not always make the healthiest choices, but we have been eating healthy home cooked meals for a while now, so the eating out is not often.

I got a 1500 calorie plan made for me.  I officially started yesterday and I’m having a really hard time with it – not because of how it restricts me (though I hate that I can only have 3 very small servings of fruit a day), but because it makes me eat too damn much, too often.  Something I’m certainly not used to!  Today I was able to fit lunch in, but my breakfast, am snack and pm snack haven’t happened yet.  Now I’m feeling really sick (one hour after lunch I started feeling queasy,  2 hours later I threw up 7 times in a row.  Gross!), so looks like today I’m not going to eat enough today at all (but understandably so).

Enough rambling!  Here is the plan, with the allowed portions:

Fresh Fruit = 1
Protein = 1
Rice = 1
Fat = 1

Rice = 1
Fat = 1
Skim Milk = 1 cup

Vegetable A = as desired
Vegetable B = 1
Protein = 2
Rice = 2
Fat = 2
Fresh Fruit = 1

Rice = 1
Fat = 1

Veggie A = as desired
Vegetable B = 1
Protein = 2
Rice = 1
Fat = 1
Fresh Fruit = 1

Where one portion of PROTEIN should equal to about 68 calories, and it’s the usual:  beef, pork, eggs (all three allowed only one serving a week, thanks to the stupid cholesterol), chicken, seafood, fish, cheese, beans and peanuts.

Where RICE basically means carbs, equivalent to 100 calories per portion, and including bread, corn, cereal, oatmeal.

Where FAT is your usual suspects at 45 calories per portion, for olive oil, margarine, butter, peanut butter, avocado, and other nuts.

FRUIT is equivalent to 40 calories/portion, which annoys the crap out of me because there’s no fruit I can eat in its entirety that only has 40 calories (I love love love love love love love love fruit.  No, really, I do.  So this will not be a fun restriction).

VEGGIE A is your spinach, lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, tomato, eggplant, etc.

VEGGIE B is equivalent to 16 calories, and it’s basically a 1/2 cup of carrot, mushrooms, lima beans.  I don’t get this part – I never met anyone that got fat by eating carrots and mushrooms.  Luckily for me, jackfruit is also thrown in this mix, so I can get my extra serving of fruits this way (score!).

Let’s hope tomorrow my stomach is back to normal and I can try this again (needless to say my 3 miles a day go is not happening this week so far).  I’m still recuperating from the cold I caught in Korea, still lacking enough sleep (not sure what’s going on there) and now this queasy stomach.  Ugh. 


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3 Miles a Day

I’m putting it out there – 3 miles a day, 5 days a week. 

That’s my goal from now on.  I don’t care if I run all 3 miles, if I walk the whole thing, if I do half running half walking, if it’s indoors, outdoors, or a mix.  If I go by myself, if I do it with company.  If I do it all at once or spread out throughout the day.  All I care is that I’m covering the distance.  And yes, I’m allowed to do more – 3 is the minimum.  It’s an achievable goal. 

I mean, it really doesn’t take that long to get 3 miles in, no?


Because those 20 pounds?  Sadly, they added new friends to the mix.  I increased my workouts, I stopped drinking mango shakes every time we eat out in favor of water, we have been eating at home during the week, and eating healthy when we do so (so much salad that Karl started complaining).  But instead of losing weight?  I gained. 

(And if you’re wondering, I also have a doctor’s appointment this week to make sure that everything else is ok, because so much weight gain?  I don’t care how you spin it, it’s NOT normal.  It’s not like I sit at home eating ice cream and donuts – heck if I did at least the weight would have been worth it, damn it!  And though I still occasionally indulge on dessert, once a week sweet treat doesn’t make anyone fat!  And let’s not forget that in Makati I walk everywhere already as is.)

And instead of claiming a new goal in the blog and saying how I’m starting it tomorrow, I’m taking ownership of it NOW, and saying that I HAVE started it.  Yesterday.  And ran my fastest 3 miles since arriving in Manila, which hopefully means that if I keep up, I can get my old pace back (granted, those were treadmill miles on an AC room, but it all counts!).


I ran the first two miles with a 10:54 pace, 0.5 incline, then increased the speed slightly at the last mile, finishing it with an average of 10:43 pace.  The first two miles felt great, the last mile I wanted to quit (but didn’t).  This time, I needed to run the whole thing as I had to fit in before a doctor’s appointment (the hives are back.  FML). 

And yeah, the advantage of running at home is that I totally can rock the racerback top with a non-racerback bra. 


Keeping it classy in Manila.


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