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Thoughts on Rio

Bidding this time was totally different!  We’re super-super-super excited about going to Rio next and then it dawns on us “that’s TWO years from now!”  When we had 2 months to get ready for our move to Manila, 2 years seems like a lifetime!  We got the news as a couple, and by the time we get there, we’ll likely even have kids (our diving trip next month is our “cannot get pregnant before then” deadline after all!).

As of now, if the timing goes according to what we bid on, we’ll be staying in Manila an extra month (yay!), leaving in May 2013, going back to the US, where after taking home leave, we’ll be settling in DC until December while Karl learns how to speak Portuguese (!!!).

During that time, I can hopefully train for the Marine Corps Marathon, since we’ll definitely be in DC then (now who’s with me and want to run it too?).  I’m also excited to run some of my favorite races…  Crystal City Twilighter, Rock n Roll VA Beach Half Marathon, Army Ten Miler…  YAY!!!!!!

The odd thing that happens in this lifestyle, even when you get your #1 bid?  All the other places you won’t get to experience…  Before putting our bids in, we had to research pretty much what’s available to us so we can make a decision that’s best for our family – how do you know what will be #1 or #2 (or #30)? 

So reading about posts where you get to live in a house with a yard makes you yearn for living like that again (definitely no houses in Rio, it’s all apartments).  When you read about all the cool side trips you can take in an area (proximity to two oceans?  SCORE!), makes you excited about the possibility of those trips.  And other little things like that:  what you didn’t get.  Regardless of how happy you are with what you DID get, you also mourn for the ones you didn’t, since you had to envision yourself living there before even putting it down on your list.  Sure, part of it is because we were really really happy with our final list, and not everyone can say that, but aside from Rio, there were also lots of exciting possibilities in there.

But back to Rio…  I left Rio in July 1997, when my dad was transferred to NYC for a 2 year assignment with the UN.  When the assignment was over, they moved back to Brazil, and I stayed behind, since I was still in college then.  After graduation, I got one job, then another that took me to DC, then finally the job at the IMF that I quit once we moved to Manila.  (I miss working for the IMF, I do not miss my job though!)

The thought of moving back for 2 years, after being away for almost 17 years (in 2014) is SUPER exciting (I know, I’ve been using that word a lot lately!).  I get to live close to my family again, close to my grandmother (who is 90 years old!), close to my brother, my cousins, aunts and uncles.  I will have instant friends once I land (which is what I miss the most here in Manila, close friends I can call anytime).  We will hopefully live walking distance to the beach, but even if we don’t, we will never be more than a half hour away.

I will get to spend TWO Christmases in a row with my family – as well as other holidays that I’ve missed for so long.  Karl will get to see other parts of Brazil, that so far he only heard from stories I tell him.  Heck, I’ll get to travel to other parts of Brazil, since aside from our honeymoon, I only go to Rio when I visit.  Karl will learn my language, and get to experience living in Brazil which will be amazing!

Until then, there’s another year (and a bit) here in Manila.  I know I’ll miss Manila, so I better make the most of it until then!  As much as some things here have been tough (like making friends), other things have been wonderful (like all our trips!  Massages!  Our helper!  Cheap dining!).  We both hope to come back to Asia in the future, but until we leave, we better plan even more adventures to make the most of it!

So here’s to another amazing year in Manila!  And to living in yet another place that has no real cold winters!  Woot!


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And the bids are in…

And we will be going to…


RIO DE JANEIRO January 2014!!!

(Yes, yes, our #1 bid!)

I’m so happy I almost peed myself!

Kind of odd thinking that’s still 2 years away, but that’s how this life works (and good to have a ton of notice this time!).  We’ll be in Manila until May of next year, then back in DC until it’s time to go to Rio!  (And we arrive on the year of the World Cup, woohoo!!!)

Now, who’s visiting?


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Having fun with Diptic

You may have checked out my Where I’ve Been page before, and noticed that I usually pick one or two pictures for each place I’ve been to not to overload the page (and I still need to update with lots of old photos in my old hard drive).

But sometimes it really really sucks having to pick just one picture!  And now that I finally have my iPhone with me, I’ve been of course playing around with new apps (remember when I first posted about caving and getting one, weeks after I actually ordered it online?).

One of my favorites?  Diptic!  It’s not a free app, but I’ve been loving it! 

So I’ve been using to (slowly) update my Where I’ve Been page!

Check it out!

First I had fun with wedding pictures…



Then I finally started playing with my vacation pictures…

Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai!


Elephant riding in Chiang Mai!


Seoul, Korea


Busan, Korea


Bohol, Philippines


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Taipei, Taiwan


El Nido, Philippines




Any other cool picture apps I should know about?  (I have instagram and Camera+ but they haven’t been as exciting as Diptic!)

I think some of these pictures even deserve to be printed, no?


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